Bits and pieces

So Liverpool lost to Arsenal 1-1 last night. Stupid buggers, we should have won that shit. Arsenal suck, but we still unbeaten. Ho-hum.

Burst a tyre on the way to Kebab, so had to leave my car at the office. Cars suck, but we still alive. La-di-da.

Stuck at home until that’s sorted. Home sucks, but have food and alcohol. C’est la vie.

It IS silly season after all.

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  1. bollocks to you losing 1-1. We only had 10 men up against your 12. You should be counting your lucky stars that you walked out with a point based on that performance.

    Totally convinced that Liverpool won’t win a goddamn thing this year. Equally so, Arsenal have shown that they won’t either.

    I hate silly season.

  2. lol, Alias will only agree with you on Loserpool not winning a goddamn thing this year. ha! JB and i’m not saying that only cause i’m arsenal. oh and don’t worry, your baby’s gon be ok. in the meantime there’s mine but i’m gonna charge yo ass.

  3. Alias you jammy dodger, don’t blame the ref for anything, if you knew the rules of football you’d be quiet, and focusing on the stupidity of your player.

    Thanks Minnie, I’m sure I can’t afford the car hire but we can work something out, innit?

  4. JB, I am thinking of raising money for charity. Any recommendations of where my money could be put to good use? (individual cases need not apply)

  5. Tara, my masochistic tendencies rose and i agreed to take part in the Tokyo marathon next year. If I am going to die doing it, someone else might as well prosper from my blood, sweat, tears, guts and whatever else my body produces when it explodes.

    JB, if you could give me some more information that would be great. Coz I need to start trawling the streets for sponsorship.

  6. Marathon?! Eish! Kudos to you!

    Do you have a cause? What are passionate about? Civil rights, food aid, orphanages, HIV/AIDS? It might help JB find something suitable. May also help motivate you.

  7. Eleanor I’ve got tons of photos and can make up some kind of PDF card to outline the who what where and why they need the money. Something to send your sponsors so they get that tear in the eye and their cheque books out.

  8. I don’t have a colour printer. If I were to send you my physical address details, could you send me hard copies?

  9. Does it need to by a physical entity because I was thinking an email thing. Something with pictures and info as well as stuff about you and why you want to give to a Zimbabwean child care centre for orphans…

  10. LIVERPOOL!!!!
    😀 😀 😀

    merry xmas to all and see you on the other side

  11. Dhlaks, please don’t hold back, say what you really mean! LOL. The Scousers put in a sterling performance there! Pity about the Gerrard nyaya though. Haters I tell you!

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