Just heard the “reboot” of Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie’s 1985 classic hit, We Are The World.

I feel like ripping off my ears and flushing them down the toilet, and if I never hear another note of music I’ll be happy.

Holy crap it sucks, it really sucks. The original is the highest-selling single in history, so you just KNEW someone was gonna have at it someday.

I just didn’t expect them to get people like LITTLE feckING WAYNE to help ruin it.

This is bad. I need therapy. I need help. I need Biggie Smalls.

*open iTunes, select Hypnotize, press play*

Aaaah. Much better.

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  1. My comrades in arms

    I am sending a shout out for any of your Zim photos that you would be happy to allow my (delinquent) students to look at. I am trying to show that not all Affies are dying of hunger and disease. So it can be people or places, and Joe, I would love any that you have of the Keg/HSC. if you have any to share please email me on:


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