We will never be a colony again

‘Chinese mining uranium without licence’

Uranium experts from … Chinese uranium giant China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC), are reportedly exploring for uranium in the wildlife-infested area in the remote northern part of Zimbabwe largely reserved for big game hunting.

President commissions multi-million dollar hotel in Mutare

The hotel complex also houses a supermarket and a wholesale for Chinese goods. Earlier President Mugabe opened the Jin’an Buddha Temple at Chiadzwa.

Chinese-owned firms financing CIO operations

This report reveals how Zimbabwe’s feared secret police, the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO), appears to have received off-budget financing from Sam Pa, a businessman based in Hong Kong.

Anjin saga: Lifting the corporate veil

AN intricate web of Chinese and Zimbabwean military networks control the country’s biggest diamond mining company, Anjin Investments (Pvt) Ltd through front or nominee companies designed to camouflage the involvement of security forces …

Chinese cream off US$200m

THE Chinese are creaming off millions in hard currency from Marange diamond fields through an agreement which allows them to milk 90% of the revenue generated from the deal, depriving the country of more than US$200 million to date.

ZBC, CCTV sign MoU

Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with China Central Television (CCTV) on the transmission of CCTV news programmes in a move aimed at strengthening relations between the two national broadcasters.

Say what?

11 Replies to “We will never be a colony again”

  1. btw, good gathering of info and what-not … very well done.

    make what you will of it, but chinese folk are e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e,
    this is just an observation,
    you no longer just see them huddled in short groups or chatting and gawking timidly on a tour bus,
    Sheraton hotel (i dont care to know what its now called) is full of chinese guests,
    chinese folk pull up next to you at the traffic lights,
    they stand in front of you in spar,
    they practise their swings at the golf ranges,
    they come for the HAC running races,
    you see them going for long walks,
    they’re all up in chinese restaurants – like seriously, who ever heard of a chinese eatout with actual chinese people eating in it? – shit, only in africa,
    i probably feel the same way black folk felt in 1880-whatwhat when white folk started appearing every-fucking-where,
    it is what it is,
    my only gripe with this easternisation is the lack of pretty chinese girls,
    its terribly racist to invade our land in droves and not bring us pretty girls to dick,
    white folk brought women along and we give them dick,
    the chinese need to ante up,
    then our neo-colonisation will be complete – and mutually beneficial.

  2. Swap out “Chinese” for Barclays in that photo and you’ll see why I chose that particular one.

    The worst is the drivers … especially the young, male drivers.

    They drive like they own this fucking country.

    Doing 100km/hr in a 40 zone with a cigarette in one hand.

  3. Apparently, they DO own tha country.

    Am loving the “wildlife-infested area”. Since when were wild animals vermin?

  4. Get with the times and go with the flow – Y’all better start taking mandarin lessons.

    As for awesome bloke – the pretty intelligent ladies go off and marry the mark zuckerbergs and rupert murdochs of this world. Getting boned by you doesnt facilitate world domination.

  5. @serenity – erm, if you read my thingy closely, you will see that i talk about giving dick – not marrying – while marriage is generally a good thing, im not given to it. and my boning is in return for the domination – not the means to it …

    im all for the giving of good dick.

  6. oops sorry awesome – I forget your awesomeness is blessing to be shared with all.

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