Welcome to the real world

I have been watching Sky News for the last couple of days, and it’s frankly disgusting.

There is a lot of hand-wringing and complaining about British soldiers dying in Afghanistan, and one of the reports I’ve just seen was some lady “journalist” talking to some Afghan fighters.

She asked one guy why he was killing British soldiers. He said he wanted to kill all American and British and foreign soldiers in his country, then she followed up, somewhat incredulously, by asking this guy how he felt if someone wanted to kill his father or brother?

So he asked her, why are Europeans sending their sons to die for America, when America was only interested in money? He simply said, if you’re on my land, I’ll try and kill you, simple.

How can you argue with that? So for all the Brits whining about Afghanistan, the Taliban, whatever … why don’t you pack your shit and leave? Or visit your MP, and ask him to bring your boys home?

Because we all know how this is gonna end, don’t we?

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  1. Western arrogance knows no limits.

    But why the fuck are you in bloody Afghanistan in the first place…????

    If you dont want your soldiers shot at then dont bloody invade another country.

    Seriously. FFS – What height of arrogance? Our military invades your country and we cannot fathom why they would get shot at.

  2. White people can’t seem to understand why brown folk don’t like them. Now, if some brown people hit them with a reverse jive and just landed on their land wanting to bilk their resources, they think that they wouldn’t retaliate? when people start believing their own hype…

  3. Really, turn to Sky News I bet they’ve got this report on rotation … a lady who interviews some war-lord and his fighters, the warlord used to be, like, Prime Minister but now he’s a militant.

    Like, no shit.

    Also, this is his first interview in ten years, so it’s like a big deal, so she talks to some of his guys first then gets to submit some taped questions for the guy.

    And she sounds so shocked and naive about all this. Like, oh my god why do these muslims want to kill us all and eat our babies and shit on our crosses and such.


  4. In the 16/17 and 1800s the spin was that the West was bringing civilisation to the savages on the dark continents. Saving them from themselves, you see – savage cannibalistics chiefs and all.

    In the 21st century the West is bringing democracy to the dark continents. Once again, saving them from themselves, you see. Despotic regimes and all.

    Unrelated events – while civilising the savages, the bank of England built up the world’s largest gold bullion reserves.
    There have been unconfirmed reports of numerous oil tankers making mad dashes from the middle east headed for the UK and the US.

  5. Oh, forgot the small matter, during the 1600s, of a few brown people taking one-way holiday cruises to the West on paid vacations on the plantations.
    All part of the civilisation drive ofcourse.

  6. Ah, as for the oil my friend you may as well forget it, that one is over and done with. Mesopotamia is being raped and bled dry, and no-one has the power to stop it.

  7. Jesus! That stuff made it into the national press. What were they even saying? The guy souunds like he may have just needed to take a whizz. Lord! Zimbos crack me up. They are the most superstitious people I know, but equally, and perhaps hypocritically, religious. Last I checked, Christianity and Traditional practice did not get one. I’m pretty sure the white man came to save us from our pagan ways.

  8. See, The Herald is aggressively dealing in this sort of tabloid bullshit these days, probably because they ceased to be a real paper years ago. Worse, read the fucking Chronicle and Sunday News. Be afraid!

  9. I reckon they are trying to say that wanking is prohibited in Zimbabwe.

    I reckon the woman was wanking as well.

    The journalist was clearly wanking coz their attention was elsewhere when they wrote the article.

  10. O M F F F F G!!!

    Too broke to add to my music collection this month so finally got to downloading that Dean Rusere mix you posted ages ago…

    That shit is what it is it is!!!

    Thats some real soul motherfucking music right there..!

    Reminds me of hot lazy sundays in Zim blazed out on bohlingers and trying to discover the most far-flung gochaz spots before dark…

  11. Ha! Congrats on being Soul’ed out, my friend. In fact, lemme put it on right now. Oh shit, he’s holding a listening party. Right now. Bye!

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