What does it take, really?

Zim is facing a five-game shutout by Bangladesh, with three games down and the series already wrapped. I don’t know about you, but I think this is fecked up on so many levels.

Firstly, the board. How can these motherfeckers even pretend to be making positive moves on our local cricket game, when the national team has been on such a downward slide that teams like fecking Bangladesh can consider us a walkover? What does it take for these bastards to all give up and say, finally, enough is enough, I’ve done my bit, I failed, I’ve done my looting, I’ve drunk free whiskey, I’m off?

Someone needs to tell Peter Chingoka that there comes a point when a man has to be, well, a man! Fighting to stay at the top is worthless if all you achieve while at the top is to feck up the only sporting discipline where Zimbabwe performs on the world stage. How long before this guy finds his balls and trundles off to spend the rest of his (probably comfortable) days in whiskey-fuelled bliss?

Secondly, what the feck is Kevin Curran up to? Since this dude came back as coach I’ve seen some serious deterioration in performance by this (arguably very shitty) team. What’s going on there? I wish someone could shed light on the goings-on inside the squad and how they work with the coach; we all know Chappie Coventry has quit the national team until Curran and Pycs are fired. We also know Chappie Coventry is a fecking idiot, but that’s another thing.

Message to Zimbabwe Cricket board and management: feck off, we’re tired of your shit. Find your balls.

UPDATE: reading this a few days later, I realise I get a bit obscene when I’m angry (that’s why I almost never write when pissed). It’s rather therapeutic, try it some time!

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  1. P.S. I know I haven’t explained why my site has been up/down for a week, but I don’t know either. We had database problems again, so I’ve moved it to an entirely new server!

  2. mwana wa amai! I so hear you!!!!! Bangladesh COMFORTABLY whacked Zim, not once, not twice, not three times, but FIVE mother effing times. Often with overs to spare and wickets in hand! Kenya is now the only country that is below Zim in the ICC ODI rankings, by virtue of the fact that they have only played 9 games, none of which, to my knowledge, has been against Zim. As luck would have it, Zim and Kenya are in the same group for the World Cup next year, I can bet you the Kenyans are raring to show their mettle. Talk about a freefall into the abyss!

    P.S. your anger and obscenity is totally justified, hell, I would have cranked it a few notches higher.

  3. *sigh* a kindred spirit at last…

    The strange thing is, a few years ago Kenya was having the same, if not worse, cricket board problems we have been having for THREE YEARS now. They sorted it out, and I bet they’re gonna do some ass-kicking in the ICC-CWC2007!

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