Maybe not blind, just desperate

“Where do you work?”

Usually, when confronted with a little hottie wearing glasses and one of those denim, mini-then-frilly skirts, I try hard to focus around her eyeline, lest my eyes get sucked down to those perky D’s she appears to be sporting. There be dragons.

“Do you really care where I work, or are you just making conversation, girl?”

“No, I really do care, I’ve seen you in town. Second, I think”. Sigh. Can’t be me cos I’m hardly ever in Second Street. And not often enough for someone to think I work there. This is going to be tricky.

“That’s not me, I’m never in…”.

Interception, Bryan Habana-style; “Yes it was, I never forget a face. I noticed you, you usually wear a suit with no tie”. Confident, hmmm.

Deep breath. Calm down, Joey, she’s got really nice tits. But (oh yeah, and a nice butt) we can’t have her thinking I’m some kind of employee, no way.

“You know, I’m really flattered by the attention but you have to realise that it wasn’t me. Seriously, today’s Sunday and I can meet you at lunch tomorrow, in sneakers and definitely not in Second Street!” See what I did there? Sneaky little hobbit, that’s me.

Resignation. “Okay, I guess so. I must be going blind”.

“Don’t worry sweety, you’re absolutely perfect, let’s see you with those glasses off…”

This is going to be so fecking easy.

10 Replies to “Maybe not blind, just desperate”

  1. that`s where brothers get it wrong: a sista be feeling you, and you be putting it down to desperation. Girlfriend wants to get hers, and she aint afraid to go out and get it. You say that its going to be easy, ONLY because she has made it easy for you. She has already decided that she will have you, and now you are in on it. All that`s left now is a match report.

  2. Do we even care whether anyone got some? by the way Joe we going to Maputo ova XM tried to text u but it wasn’t delivered. but we might come through H on the way back after New Year

  3. inga ane mari mukomana wako.

    aChic trust me, you’re not gonna get a match report. you should know by now that I only do previews, you’re the only one who does match reports, hehehehe

  4. can it really be classified as a match report when its an irrevocable and unequivocal disaster. More of a vivisection of an irrescusitable corpse. No mouth to mouth here.

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