23 Replies to “Who’s your daddy?”

  1. I noticed that no one was willing to comment on this and felt sorry for you hence this (pity) comment.

  2. Footy is lost on me… unless Okocha is on the field. the most underrated yet greatest playmaker IMO. just had the misfortune of being at PSG same time as ronaldinho, vying for the same jersey…

  3. (LOL…dude in grey skully!)

    Just googled the topic (hoza Friday…cant work!)and Liverpool reminded me back in the 80’s when ZBC had “The Road To Wembley” and the big trio was Liverpool (Rush, Barnes, Beardsley, Grobbelaar…), Wimbledon (Fashanu…) and Everton…oops, just hinted at my age…

    Things done changed a bit…isnt Wimbledon in now in Division something?

  4. Why? Were you looking to get in line? Because I may as well wake you up now – there is no room for you.

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