7 Replies to “You’re kidding, right?”

  1. The Metro yesterday reported that Gono’s been blaming the financial… I’d like to say crisis, but I am pretty sure that that is an understatement as Zim is very much beyond crisis, so I will go with…situation on ‘ordinary people’ in Zim themselves. They are responsible for the collective failure as a nation to produce enough food.

    When in doubt, blame it on the people.

  2. The subtitle should read: how natives ‘do’ irony! Maybe they are expecting people to shoplift the shelves!

  3. I think its quite evident this shop has recently fallen victim to mass organised foreign-sponsored shop lifters who were under clear instructions from their paymasters to ignore the warning in a bid to undermine the shop’s sovereignty

  4. Chinoz – “I am thoughting that the day the picture was taken by Blair and Bush we were stocktaking in the behind”

  5. Jonathan Moyo – I shall not dignify this preposterous photo by commenting on it; only that, the illusion of bare shelves is a figment of the MDC-led, british-fueled and American sponsored imagination.

  6. Actually, as I’ve noticed in TM (e.g. Newlands), this could just be the ZWD section.

    There’s another smaller section, clearly bordered with shelves and fridges and such, fully stocked with USD products.

    I.e. stuff imported from RSA and sold at double their normail retail price. I.e. quadruple their wholesale price.

    Some would weep.

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