You’re married? (and other stories)

Well, what a weekend. That’s the thing about Hahaharare, it never ceases to amaze. There’s always somethin goin’ on, and you can’t afford to fall asleep. Shuck and jive, that’s the way to survive. I’ll tell you why.

Why being me rocks:
So I got a call at 0730 on Friday morning, offering me a job. Seems my design and writing skills haven’t gone un-noticed (or un-missed, considering who was doing the calling). I guess you could say things are looking up, and if all goes well, that island trip next year may just happen. Watch this space.

Why it sucks to be me:
Saturday night. Scud and Nanny. In walks this gorgeous creature; Nonsi. We start talking, have a couple of drinks. She’s funny, intelligent and beautiful as feck. With dreadlocks. So, at this point I’m starting to think, hang on a minute, this could be interesting (simply cos she’s laughing at my jokes. Genuinely). So, we take it outside, I’m being charming, she’s being cute, I’m trying not to slur, she’s trying not to act serious. Then, right at the end, it comes. She’s fecking married. Just my luck.

Talk about a rollercoaster. Was it worth it, though? Hell yeah, although the thought that I found someone like that, only for her to have already met her first husband (hint) pisses me off.

But we can always do something about that, can’t we?

P.S. No, I don’t care that Liverpool lost on Sunday. Nor that bloody Dynamos did the same.

30 Replies to “You’re married? (and other stories)”

  1. young man are you trying to steal someone else’s wife? what about your own, or have you forgotten her name

  2. Joe you’re now chasing people’s wives, weren’t you supposed to have married that other girl by now? Do tell, Mushaz who are you talking about?

  3. Mushaz, that one is kinda on a long-term hold until we can be together. And yes, Tino you are talking about the same person 🙂

    No, I’m NOT chasing anyone’s wife, just, you know, keeping her options open.

  4. Usually the ring on the fourth finger of her left hand is a dead give away Joe Black!

    If however she didn’t have one then she deserves whatever’s coming her way.

  5. Dude, it was Saturday night at the Scud. No time to look for rings.

    Anyway, I think I would have noticed, so I assume she wasn’t wearing it.

  6. Tell your conscience to get its priorities right.

    After all, marriage is not as sacred as it used to be.

  7. If she was as hot as u made her out to be u would have done something by now. Clearly now that u are sober she may not be the catch u thought she was

  8. She is as hot as I said. And she is such a catch. My hesitation is natural, isn’t it? I mean, wouldn’t you take pause before (literally) diving into someone else’s WIFE??!!!??!!

    Girlfriend, no problem at all, but c’mon, someone herded cattle to her father’s homestead.

    Ah, fuck it. (literally, also).

  9. maybe she is unhappily married. she could be separated. but take your time boy, you can get burnt by us married women. Unoshandiswa.

  10. This story is too fishy & I aint buying it. Joe Black u havent gone gay have u (mate just checking)

  11. There are enough single, desparate women in Harare… if you stop looking at the Scud & Nanny. Why settle for someone else’s things?

    Join a book club or something!!

  12. My Broda, married women are dangerous (you know dis, man). Fact that she was chatting you up at the Nanny but only told u palater kuti she’s hitched doesn’t make it open season on her. I mean, just becoz the pool’s got no water in it doesn’t mean you should jump in (twisted Mongolian proverb for the uninitiated, I can see you all saying “what the f##k’s he on??”). Go figure.

  13. And married guys hanging out at Nanny asking out single waitresses – wats the diff with a married woman chatting up pub furniture?

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