Back in the high life again

Not just lyrics from a crap Steve Winwood song, but the song I’m singing today cos LIVERPOOL WON IN THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE!

Yeah, the caps are intended. We whipped Bordeaux 3-0 last night, so all of you punks out there talkin’ shit about how Benitez is killing the team, Benitez is the new tinkerman, Benitez must go, Gerrard is finished, Liverpool suck….eat a dick.

We’re through to the knockout stage with two group games still to play. Say somethin now.

Oh, and another thing: would you search Snoop Dogg’s car and expect to find candy bars and honey jars? The man’s lungs operate PURELY on weed-smoke, dunno why anyone is ever surprised when he gets arrested!

Disclaimer: As you can tell, I’ve been taking a lot of shit from people who claim to ‘know football’ lately, and this is just a knee-jerk reaction to all that Liverpool-is-dead talk. R-ight.

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  1. saw liverpool but wasnt really interested. saw snoop and was very interested the man is an idiot really

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