Zvakapressa (things are tight)


This is just a quick note to tell you, dear reader, that I am pulling the wagons of life very well.

I have been gripped in the bonds of employment very tightly of recent, henceforth and therefore I find myself unable to pen a missive longer than this short letter.

Please forgive me for it is not ignorance, dear reader, that makes it so. I shall attempt to write you longer and more meaningful missives detailing events in this many-faceted existence I call life.

Lots of love, and may the bananas of life bend in your direction

Ever yours


5 Replies to “Zvakapressa (things are tight)”

  1. “may the bananas of life bend in your direction” – ROTFLOL! Who saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaays that?

    Ah honey, here’s hoping you come up for air real soon!

  2. I was rather looking forward to a good dose of debate on Malema and 51% indigenous bill.

  3. @JB,
    Dude, dont knock the creativity in those letters!

    Malema is currently being taught a lesson in “Dont Fuck With The Wrong People I Got Bigger Balls Than You Little Twit”.
    JB needs to get his act together so we can sharpen swords.

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