Viva rule of law, Viva!

Witness what happens when a Supreme Court judge interferes in the exploitation of “our” natural resources, and advances the cause of British neo-colonialists (whites) bent on stealing “our” wealth.

“The deputy sheriff then took the case with the diamonds to the Reserve Bank and surrendered them to the officials. While the deputy sheriff was still at the Reserve Bank, Assistant Commissioner Gumbo came to the Reserve Bank accompanied by several armed policemen and demanded at the ‘order of the minister’ that the diamonds be handed over to him.

We do not know what he (Gumbo) did with the diamonds. We consider that the actions of Assistant Commissioner Gumbo were completely unlawful and in contempt of a court order.

It is bad enough that the Minister of Mines should personally interfere with the judicial process of implementing an order of the Supreme Court. However, the position was made worse by the fact that Assistant Commissioner Gumbo, because he was told by the minister to seize the diamonds from the deputy sheriff or officials of the Reserve Bank, did so without any attempt to ascertain that the order of the minister was lawful. There is no rule of law if police officers blindly carry out an order given by a minister of state. Police officers should only act when they are satisfied that the complaint of the minister has a sound legal base.

We ask that this matter be investigated and that appropriate action be taken against Assistant Commissioner Gumbo. We also ask you to confirm that the Deputy Sheriff will not be obstructed in his duties, particularly in the enforcement of the provisions of the Order of the Supreme Court in case No SC 2307 09, and that the necessary instructions are issued to the Commissioner-General of the ZRP.”

Viva Zimbabwe, Viva! Viva our Sovrenity, Viva!

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  1. “This farm which he had the honour to control, he added, was a co-operative enterprise. The title-deeds, which were in his own possession, were owned by the pigs jointly”

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