Arthur Mutambara you bastard

I always knew Arthur Mutambara was a plant. His elevation to national politics was inexplicable, and he’s shown his true colours along the way.

Just like Simba Makoni, another charismatic charlatan planted in our midst, Arthur Mutambara has come full circle. From pretending to champion democracy, this bastard has connived with Uncle to stay in his “position” in the inclusive government.

This is despite being deposed as President of his “party” (in an election) and being recalled, he maintains that he won’t resign as Deputy Prime Minister in the inclusive government.

Now my question is, who will he purport to represent there? The three “principals” were placed there by their political parties – now that this motherfecker has refused to do what his party has instructed him to, it’s now up to that party to simply fire him.

Then what will he do? Does he even think? Listen to this bastard:

“I will not abdicate from my national responsibilities in order to satisfy narrow party-political aspirations.”

Listen bastard, you are only placed in a position to discharge those national responsibilities by those in your party, so now that your party leadership has redeployed you, do what you’re told.

“I will not recognise Professor Welshman Ncube as the president of the party I belong to, the MDC, the party that signed the GPA with MDC-T and Zanu PF,” the robotics professor said. “Neither will I recognise the team that he heads as the leadership of the party. Accordingly, not only is there no constitutional or legal basis for the ‘redeployment’, there is neither moral nor political foundation to it.”

Wow. So democracy only works if it works in your favour? You refused to stand against Welshman Ncube for the leadership of your party and he was elected unopposed.

You, my friend, are a fool of the lowest order. How do you think the people of Zimbabwe will see you now? How can you expect other people to respect the will of the people and step down from positions they’ve lost when you, a man who preaches democracy but is nothing but a shallow demagogue, knows not the meaning of the word?

Please just feck off from whence you came.

3 Replies to “Arthur Mutambara you bastard”

  1. take your time. when u’re done lounging with the pretty girls in i-told-u-mutha#s heaven, we’ll be here 🙂

    simba was obvious, he was, has always been, is and always will be, zanu to the bone.

    mutambara, IMO is just an excitable opportunist. very excitable. not much different from the many chancers who make up both MDCs, but a lot more excitable.
    i dont think he got planted in the MDC (he may well have), i think he found himself in there, and suddenly his eyes opened to the powerful political opportunity – and im sure the folk tasked with getting him on the zany side, (before or after the MDC split) were quite taken aback by his eagerness. they must have been like, “oh shit, this mutha#’s easy, golly gosh, is that it?”

    p.s. btw, save your emo for the CWC and send me the new zim cricket jersey … Large.

  2. Arthur Mutambara dun gon rogue? 🙂 Surely he will be held accountable. What’s the press saying about it? What is everyone saying? Could it be that the little snot will be allowed to carry on? I can never tell these things.

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