You have to treat this statement with the contempt it deserves. With people like Sikhanyiso Ndlovu saying shit like this, there really is no need to comment or opine.

“The cholera epidemic in Zimbabwe is a serious biological chemical war force, a genocidal onslaught on the people of Zimbabwe by the British,” he said.

“Cholera is a calculated racist terrorist attack on Zimbabwe by the unrepentant former colonial power which has enlisted support from its American and Western allies so that they invade the country.”

I don’t know, maybe losing his seat in Parliament drove the man insane. Especially after slaughtering a beast and doling out bicycles, only to have his constituents vote for the other guy.

These guys just make it too easy.

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  1. tli, tli, tli, tli… nice one MM…!

    Scary thing though JB, dont underestimate the power of propaganda. These people will drum this message on radio, tv, newspapers until everyone believes this shit. Remember the “Hondo Yeminda” barrage.

  2. I don’t know, i would be hard pressed to believe the people suffering the ignominy of cholera deaths would be as foolish to believe that the British are the ones wreaking havoc on them, I mean the raw sewage alone should be evidence to the contrary.

    And whatever Sikhanyiso is hitting, I want a hit too, coz that is some powerful shit. But you don’t know whether to laugh or cry sometimes.

  3. Yeah, I also can’t handle how every news article on the Crisis-What-Crisis has to include in it’s background that MT won the majority of the vote but not enough to secure the presidency.

    How quickly we forget the debacle.

  4. ZANY have perfected the art of conditioning our minds. They somehow manage to divert our minds from the main critical issues and refocus everyone on trivial passport and one-shared-ministry issues.
    Too true – we have all forgotten the month spent doctoring results at the presidential offices with no oppositon or external observers present. That election was blatantly stolen right under everyone’s noses, then the one-man farce in June; its sad how we are over that and are now focussing about sharing a ministry.

  5. Really? I think that whole thing is dead in the water now … MDC say they haven’t read the draft bill, the opposition ZPF is saying Botswana is training MDC militias …

    … I believe they’re seriously considering a Military Option.

  6. This little nugget courtesy of the Zany Herald, you have to worry, even if the stories are planted:

    West to blame for cholera outbreak

    EDITOR — It is very clear that the West has played a big hand in the cholera outbreak.

    If all things were normal, we would not be in the position that we are in today.

    But the West would rather ensure that we have no capacity to deal with such basic illnesses as cholera by incapacitating us. For those who doubt the relationship between cholera and sanctions, just pause and think for a moment.

    Why is it that we never had such serious outbreaks before the sanctions? And why are Sarkozy, Bush and Brown so eager to use cholera as a pretext for war?

    It is quite clear that there is something going on here that goes beyond that which meets the eye.

    It is our duty as Zimbabweans to make it clear to the West that we do not want their crocodile tears.

    We simply want to be left alone to chart our own destiny as we have always done.

    And anyone who tries to bring war to this country, whether for cholera or any other reason, will have hell to pay for it!

    Cde Tawanda “New Farmer” Gondo.


  7. Responding to Chinimasa’s claim the Botswana is training MDC guerrillas for a coup, “Nelson Chamisa dismissed the minister’s claims saying: “When a leopard starts devouring its young ones, it starts by accusing that young one of smelling like a goat.” ” (from BBC)

    Best animal analogy ever!!!

  8. Just read that there was an attempt on Perence Shiri’s life. Things be hotting up in the kitchen!

  9. One way or the other it doesn’t matter, it’s going to further someone’s agenda. If it’s staged someone staged if for a reason, all those rumours about martial (?) law and states of emergency. If genuine, well, that is even better coz people’s cojones are finally starting to drop.

  10. Well, I never. Apparently, he was accosted by a group of men, acme out of the car and got shot IN THE ARM!

    What kind of assassins shoot a man in the arm?

  11. You have to wonder that if they were professional assassins, why weren’t they all armed. And if the one missed, why didn’t the others shoot. Or are bullets so expensive now that we can only afford one per mercenary hit?

  12. JB, if you are not checking your mail, where am I supposed to be sending it to? Coz mina my story has been chilling like an ugly chick on the dancefloor with her back up on the wall.

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  14. Behave yourself Tara, I have my reasons and I don’t have to explain myself. So behave yeah? You don’t have to be a bitch every time.

    Elle, mail it to my gmail account, okay? Or login using /wp-admin/

  15. “The issue of whether President Mugabe should go or not has never been raised by the parties,” Motlanthe said. “We feel that we should really support and take our cue from what they want.”

    There’s another smoker right thurr, yessurr.

  16. The plot thickens: word on the street has it that Perrence Shiri was in fact trying to kill himself and like all people in authority, managed to cock that up too. I guess being an Air Force man you cant expect him to be able to handle a weapon. But you have to worry. Ko whatever happened to just taking a few Norolon?

  17. LOL JB, what does your black ass know about Akihabara! Unless you have been surfing for kiddy porn and kinky maid cafes where you can look up panty-less girls skirts for free.

    So it turns out that I am a bit of a dunce, cant remember what my login is. I’ll save you the effort of having to say it, ndiribharanzi zveshuwa.

  18. Uhm … well … I AM pretty well tuned in to pop culture, including the whole manga/anime/gaming scene.

    Mail me at Gmail, and well, you are what you say you are 🙂

  19. Shuwa, it’s getting interesting now. By the way,I watched the season premier of 24 season 7, which is a two-hour movie in itself …

    … can’t help see Zimbabwe’s future, really.

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