A nation of suckers

Just thought I’d send out a big feck YOU to our nation’s retailers – Spar, OK & Bon Marche, TM and the myriad of smaller fish swimming in the murky waters of retail sales.

The reluctance of you bastards, to a one, to introduce coin change in your stores really gets on my tits.

Apparently, they’ve been offered coins by the banks, yet they refuse to take them. And we all know why, don’t we?

Cos your change is good for a little something more off the shelf. If you’re not getting a “credit note”, which is just a fecking receipt with a change amount and a signature or stamp on the back, you’re buying something more.

Dudes, I should have gone into lollipops a long time ago.

Seriously, the people selling suckers are making a fecking killing. You’ve got lollies, matches, dandy chewing gum, chocolate all conveniently located next to the till, sometimes in jars sitting right on grocery alley!


Do I want a credit note? feck no, I’m not coming back here anytime soon, and my wallet it packed with useless shit anyways, considering every fecker in town has a business card nowadays (that’s for another day).

I just want my cash, dickwad. Is that too much to ask?

One of these days I’m gonna lead a mini-revolt in a supermarket, trash that fecker, and kidnap the manager.

All for 41 cents or something stupid like that.

Cos you ain’t keeping MY goddamn change.

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  1. please don`t leave me when you go for that mini revolt coz honestly iam fuckin sick and tired with being given sweets as change,my vists to the dentist are now on the rise.Daylight robbery!!!

  2. Shit! They really do that?! What you need to do is walk into one of those shops and try to pay with a bag of shrapnel (coins that is). See how well that goes down. The little shits!

  3. I wish, Tara. Coins are hard to come by in general circulation, since we use USD and Rands.

    But the RBZ and banks have worked together to HOARD coins and offer them to the supermarkets, but nobody’s coming to collect.


  4. I always tell the teller to give me the dollar and I will write THEM a fucking credit note! damn sons of bitches!

    ….hasn’t worked yet.

    speaking of blatant skulduggery, anyone here been a victim of Econet/Ecoweb’s latest round of service upgrades?

  5. I got this PRIVATE MESSAGE from a retailer. Guess he didn’t have the balls to comment in public.

    Get a clue, if u think all retailers are not trying to use coins then u have very little knowledge as to what is invovled.

    I spend fuel going to the banks everyday trying to get change so please before u use foul lanuage ,get the facts right and understand what is actually transpiring instead of taking articles from disgruntled reporters and using them as facts and the basis for ur story.

    Have at it. For the record, my response was.

    Get a clue? Right. You may claim to go to the banks everyday looking for coins. Fine. That’s you.

    I don’t see coins in the supermarket I fucking shop in everyday, and the newspaper says the coins are there, that’s my motherfucking clue, alright?

    I don’t appreciate your advice, but if you do have a comment on my story on my personal website, I would suggest next time you comment publicly, instead of sneaking me a private message.

    As for my use of foul language, if you don’t appreciate it, don’t read my fucking story then.

    Talk about knee-jerk, right? He really should have said “Not all of us are the same, I try”.

  6. While we on the topic, what fucks me off even more than change at super markets is customers who REFUSE to accept bank charges even though it is stated clearly at the bottom of invoices. Not one customer pays them and their excuse is “Thats how business is done”…. No business is done by you paying me in full for the work I did for you!!!

    If you dont want to incur bank charges you are more than welcome to come pay in cash. Some even do a number of transfers cos “funds are short in the accounts” so we end up less 120 bucks on an invoice. And then demand we wipe it off their statement cos its not their responsibility.

    Their excuse is I should just pay my expenses less charges and it balances out… except I pay out very little money, I am a service industry I dont do lots of payments out, I dont buy any raw materials to do business. The bank charge buck is stopping with me.

    They just refuse to understand so I resorted to paying one client (who we also buy airtime from outside the country) in 2 50 buck transfers for 100 dollars airtime, now cos its outside the country they got charged 82 dollars in bank charges over the two transfers. I know they make 7% on their airtime so they lost 75 bucks on my purchases… their accountant still doesnt see my point and transfers the money less bank charges and his statement still keeps growing.

    If you dont like the cost of bank charges take it up with the bank, dont pass it on to me.

  7. lol maybe… if it happens will send you photos 😀

    Sorry about the rant, just been dealing with the accounts this afternoon… so was on my mind

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