Return of the mac

I’ve tried. I’ve done the whole legitimate thing, I’ve tried nine-to-fiving, watching DVDs, being faithful, learning to cook, that whole decent thing. And it ain’t my style. So…I’m getting my dreadlocks back.

The thing with being a citizen is, if you’re faking it, it just ain’t worth it. Really, I can’t be arsed to visit the barber every two weeks and ask for a Number One, it just ain’t me. So I’ve decided, stuff this, I’m not cutting it again, keep an afro till it’s long enough to twist.

I’ve also decided to blog the process, with updated progress photos of my crust. So when ppl ask me how long I’ve been growing my locks, I’ll be able to say, look it up.

And no, it still won’t make me a Rastafarian.

12 Replies to “Return of the mac”

  1. Oh here we go again but go ahead, you looked good with locks. but how long will it take to grow again?

  2. So True Tino -here we go again….. Wats up Joey are you having a mid-life crisis….

    Taura chokwadi its getting expensive to get a hair cut huh???

  3. Such comedians, you really are ladies. Can’t a brotha just wanna change his hairstyle?

    Yeah, I want my mojo back, baby, hehe

  4. Zvadura, hanti ka Joey…….Tino he must have been under the illusion that the locks gave him panache’ tee heee . Either that or he is compensating for something -So do tell Joey what is it I mean really!!!!!!

  5. Trevor, you too? What could I possibly be compensating for with dreadlocks, I mean really?

    If I said I want a bigger nose, or a unicorn horn, maybe I could understand that Kitkins, but compensation thru dreadlocks? Too weird.

    I’m just tired of being….normal.

  6. You are a lot of things Joey normal is not one of them—- By having dreadlocks your crossing to another level of insanity yet to be defined…

    But hey its your hair

  7. I hear you Joe, got rid of mine, now I want those babies back. There’s a lot to be said for such liberatingly get up and go hair. And its cheap.

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