A tale of two shitties

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Remember the story of Ralph Nicolson and Taylor Cameron? The two little shits who put on camo, stole a couple of rifles and sniped at cars on Avondale road?

The trial has failed to start, and the docket isn’t where it should be. Honestly.

The case of two Harare teenagers who allegedly ambushed and opened fire at six cars on separate occasions in one night while wearing camouflage has been referred back to the remand court after their trial failed to begin on Monday.

Taylor Cameron (19) and his 17-year-old friend are facing 10 counts of attempted murder.

They allegedly armed themselves with two rifles and wore camouflage jackets before allegedly firing at motorists in Avondale.

The case was referred back to remand court after prosecutor Mr Allan Goche told the court that the State was not ready.

Mr Goche also indicated he had not received the docket from the police. Mr Chris Mhike of Atherstone and Cook, who is representing Cameron and his friend, argued that the matter was taking too long to be finalised.

“Your worship we are obviously disappointed with the delay as this is prolonging the anxiety of these two school children who have had to miss school repeatedly as a result of these delays,” he said.

This is beyond ridiculous. Of course, they’re still out on bail.


Update – They’re off the hook. They’ve been removed from remand, and police will proceed by way of summons. The State was not ready and the prosecutor is yet to receive a docket from the police. Now, we all understand that language, don’t we? Nyaya yapera.

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