Public Service Announcement

Dear journalist, reporter, writer, blogger, editor, sub-editor, typist, typesetter, copywriter, tweeter, talker, tattler, human, humanitarian, marketer, advertiser, client, broadcaster, newsreader, voice actor, radio announcer, parent, man, woman and child.

whoop (whoop·ing)
– a loud cry or shout, as of excitement or joy.
– the sound made by a person suffering from whooping cough.
verb (used without object)
– to utter a loud cry or shout in expressing enthusiasm.
– to cry as an owl, crane, or certain other birds.

adjective Informal.
– very large of its kind; thumping.
whop verb (used with object) 1. to strike forcibly. 2. to defeat soundly, as in a contest.
verb (used without object) 3. to plump down suddenly; flop.

Stop it, you’re killing me. Also, lose and loose are not interchangeable.

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  1. and mow importantly, why does it say “5 comments” yet its only you too plonkers which have commented one apiece?

    see what i did their (oops and here again 😀 )?

  2. You’re loosing site of what’s impotent, which is bed.

    It’s a new plugin I’m working on, it imports FB likes and Tweets as comments, but it looks like shit (at the moment) so temporarily disabled it.

  3. i also herd this on the radio last week but one, in fact i here it many times, its a whooping great annoyance, they should know better.

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