Aaaah, the simple life!

Sigh…..tomorrow’s gonna be such a hard day for us sports lovers. We could, realistically, spend the day drinking beer and watching telly – wives beware!

I could start in the morning, finish off day 3 of the AUS-Windies Test while waiting for India and SA’s ODI to start at 11. Watch that through lunch, should be a nice bit of fun, what with SA on a high and India shaken up.

At 3, switch to Wigan taking on TheArse, crucial game that, cos I fear Wigan could end up being mangled and broken, which will send their season sliding towards the inevitable end. Or, hope of hopes, Arsenal take a nice crack in the skull, wouldn’t that be fun to watch (nod, Jigga).

Anyway, bugger that, near the end I’ll switch to the rugby, England play New Zealand, huge bloody game, I’ll be Black as always, watching those crappy Poms take it *hard*. Yes, I’ll bet the farm on that one, can’t nobody stop the Kiwis through to 2007, when they take the WC. Mark my words, it’s gonna be a scorcher!

Of course, will keep one eye on Newcastle-Chelsea, just because that Portugueezer’s team is irresistible, and, well, you never know with the Toon. Anything can happen. And while checking the cricket score, watch SA (hopefully) being mauled by the Dragons, although the chances of that are about as remote as…well, we’ll see 😉

Then round it all off with the mother of football matches, Real Madrid taking on Barcelona, what a way to wind down… is beautiful. sorry girls, go shopping or something 🙂

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  1. Waka rasika kupi??? MANU ndizvo. But hey better to be Liverpool than arsenal.. Watched a second string All Blacks thrash Ireland. It will be different when they play the pomms because they play dirty and get away with it. I would love for the All Blacks to win by a margin of at least 20 points. My predictions:

    All Blacks to win
    Amabokoboko to win but with a fight from the Dragons
    India to win the second one day
    Wigan to get @ least a point
    Chelsea to win but under controvesial circumstances
    and MANU to narrowly win

    I will also be watching rugby league GB vs Aus, man that game is great to watch once you get into it. Its fatser and has more impact thn union.

  2. Taks, Munya, choks…..

    in other words he was sacked in a polite way

  3. Hehe, the man is a wizard with the ball, and kaEto’o!!!! Haha, African footballer of the year third time running, I think.

    Oh and the new boy Messi……Madrid were outclassed jigga.

  4. but mbudzi ndiwe andy naJoeBlack, thts why musina kuuya kubraai. ko takaenda kusnake park kwaArchie nezuro. boss IYASA ndizvo..they will be playing at sports diner on friday. vamwe vakapiwa manumber ikoko!!

  5. Mumwe muface so…hwai yemunhu. Yeah, we had a good sporting Saturday, Andy, that’s the way it should be.

    As always, your lovely wife was very hospitable, but we won’t make it a habit!

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