Alarm bells and warning signs

The way to man's heart

How was your Easter? Mine was alright…very quiet, a bit of work, a bit of sleep, a bit of wine…

The highlight was dinner on Saturday night. She came over and we spent the afternoon watching telly on the Mexican blanket, while my boetie hung out and did some work on the ‘net. She made sadza and stew for dinner (with greens even!) and I tell you what, shit was g-ood. Tasted like home.

Almost makes a brother wanna…oh crap, she’s reading this!

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  1. Oopth, you almost spilt the beans there laddy. I’m sure that Mexican blanket has many a story to tell hey!! 🙂 You sound a bit whipped by the little lady’s cooking JB, you smitten perhaps /nudge-nudge ???

  2. they do say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. though it must be said (with a deep swallow) that there are certainly more `interesting’ ways 

  3. Nice holiday hi everyone. Joe you in love again, what happened to that girl in fair Avalon?


  4. Don’t shush me answer the question-what happened to your girl in England is that difficult to answer?

  5. wabatwa, kunyanya kuda kutishainira paIntanet mfana, chiwona wapinda panguwa yakaoma!

    some of us are suffering from Post Mafaro Syndrome (PMS)!

  6. What is the name of th said ‘she’? What is her screen name on this blog? I would have loads to ask of her.

  7. JB, lets make a deal. I wont quizz u no further if I get to met the said party at monthend. Nings for buying when I come down oh & I am staying at your place hey. I note u made no mention of maunre 7-1 last night

  8. She reads but obviously declined to comment now, Gala.

    Trev, this one you’ve already met, china. If u staying over, of course you’re keeping me in Windhoek Lager mate 🙂

    ManUre won good, too bad you’re meeting a good Milan side. We only get Chelsea (surrender monkeys no more, it seems)…

  9. Coming down for HIFA – Yeah Babie. So JB hope she will be coming over to do the cookings.

  10. hifa: when all the freeloading perps come out to play! i should know 2004 was hifa-tiguing! helped by the fact i had a free pass to everything courtesy of flaunting my thespian wares

    p.s. for the illiterati thespian means to do with acting/theatre

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