Revenge of the underdog

Bangladesh vs South Africa. Pompey vs ManUre. What more can one say.

p.s. Rio Ferdinand’s own goal must count as the howler of the century. They will look back and say that THAT was the moment they gave the title back to Chelsea. Oh to have been a fly on the wall of that dressing room. I am sure that the backroom staff cleared anything not strapped down that Sir Alex might have been able to hurl ï½¥ WMD takes on a whole new meaning. Wouldnt want a repeat of THAT Beckham incident.

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  1. For the sake of conciseness i had to resort to melodrama. 6 games is still a lot to play for and manure have goal difference on their side.

  2. gala. you dont have to involve yourself in every conversation: chill on the bench a bit. your 2 cents can only stretch so far. and with you being in ingerlund thats only 1p.

    jb. facts had to be sacrificed for sensationalism, melodrama and fiction. you read the herald, you should be used to it. as the Premiership goes there is still everything to play for and ManUre have goal difference on their side.

  3. here’s expecting more hooliganism from the delinpuent english reprobates. those gits should be given a blanket ban to travel and they dont even have the decency to fight properly: always whining coz their asses got kicked.

    so jb. who’s your money on for the WC final? coz NZ yamira mira so far. would have liked to see SA there but their campaign has stuttered. will see what they can produce tonight.

  4. I get the impression Aefro doent like me 🙁

    Had an excellent weekend. Played The Da Vinci Code, went out for dim sum and even fit in an easter egg hunt. What about you? you get busy? 😉

  5. Gala, it’s not that she doesn’t like you, it’s those comments of yours – you set yourself up every time 🙂

    My money’s on a NZ-Oz final for the CWC, barring any hiccups.

    I’d back Aussie to win it, but my heart would rest with NZ, so I guess it’s Black Caps for me…

  6. gala to be fair, even if i did like you, thats not going to change the price or availability of bread in zimbabwe. that moral high howss (horse) you are sitting on, i’ve ridden it before. the air up there aint so great.

    southern hemisphere rocks! 3 in a row for oz! then ana gramps mcgrath and ponting vombozororawo!

  7. Oh come on aChic, stop being nasty to my baby…

    Sorry Gala, don’t pay any attention to her. Lookie I wrote you a post with no sport in it, and its got love and ambiguity and romance and even a taste of home in it.

    Googoo gah gah, coochie coo? No? Oh.

  8. well its like this jb. hell hath no fury like a crazy angry extraordinarily eloquent black woman scorned. you must know that ukauya uchinditsvaga me i am going to find you. and i am a great believer in the age old adage that revenge is a dish best served cold. and the one thing that i have is time on my hands.

    Gala at this point you are probably wondering what your offense is. well an eternity of posts ago you showed the temerity of sitting in judgement of me. you dont know me to judge. you know what i tell you. what you have seen of me is what i have shown you. and you gad in here brandishing your sword of threadbare morality and expect me to be impressed. Sister girl, I dont think so.

  9. this is the problem with being self sufficient: aint no white knight ever coming to do the damsel in distress routine.

    p.s. there is a reason why Confucius’ name so closely resembles Confusion.

  10. bangla are my team of the tournament. now we just need to ensure that nz can do job (sic) against ingerlund

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