Today’s rant, proudly sponsored by ZOL

After reading all the stories about TelOne killing the Internets, and how Zimbabwe was now even more isolated as a result, I wasn’t at all surprised to come into the office this morning and find……no emails.

No Football fiver from the Guardian (first read, always funny). No daily newsletter from IOL (which I’ve tried to un-sub from 1153 times). And no, no loving update I-miss-you email from Her. Even those snide little 2-liners from some of you, my dear readers, telling me to perform either a. deviant sexual acts on myself (no thanks) or b. acrobatics, preferably from a point of elevation aka roof, or the edge of a large body of water aka lake (can neither fly nor swim. No thanks).

Bygones. So there I was, on the phone with Zimbabwe Off-Line support at 8 on the dot. And that was the start of a painful 3-hour ordeal, in which I managed to make a mortal enemy of an otherwise patient and mild-mannered support technician. Snide remarks come so easily when you used to perform support duties for a living. Such fun!

Long story short – finally got my Fiver around 11, by which time I’d already read the fecking thing online. And no fooly reader emails today, so I must be doing something right (or wrong, maybe?).

Moral of story? ZOL suck ass* even more than ZBC do, and don’t even ask about ZBC cos I don’t have that much space on this page.

*If you work at ZOL or represent them legally, I don’t care. Personal opinion rules. And I’m really, really sorry 😉

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  1. Yep, that’s right they do! Vavengi vakawanda, enough haters out there who don’t have the balls/time to say it in the comments 🙂

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