And so fell Lord Perth…

..and the earth did shake with that thunder. This is a line from a book by Steven King, The Gunslinger. Lord Perth was a great king who fell in a long-ago battle, and this is from a poem in his honour. What’s the relevance, you say? Read on, dear friend.

Now, let’s suppose Sir Alex Ferguson is Lord Perth, a great man who’s been on top of his game for a long, looong time. After watching his team’s gradual decline into the abyss, culminating in yesterday’s hilarious 4-1 thrashing at the hands of Steve McLaren, his ex-assistant and future England manager, I can’t help but think his days as manager are numbered.

Okay, maybe they’re not in the abyss, but for such a big and historically successful (let alone rich) club like ManUre, anything lower than 3rd after 10 games must trigger a crisis call. And with Les Bleus already 11 clear at the top, someone out there must be looking around for a replacement (yeah, Carlos Quieroz is tosh).

But how was old Mendieta, eh? He reminded me why he’s such a legend (in my mind, anyway), and all kudos to them. How ManUre managed to be so vulnerable to that 3-5-2 I don’t know, but they sorely miss Roy Keane, tell ya that. Mendieta basically ran free in the middle, no-one could touch him (fairly), and United were constantly closed down when they got in the area. Legend.

And how’s Wigan to win again? Can they maintain the run, is the question. I’ve tried to refrain from crowing about Liverpool, some think I overdo it (and with the Reds, that’s generally asking for trouble anyway), so this is all I’ll say – WE WON!

And since I haven’t cursed once so far today….shit.

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  1. As a Man U supporter i am so crushed by my team. my spirits are low and this has been since last season.Anyway will still buy thier new away jersey that i have been eyeing for a while. Through thick and thin hey.

  2. Oh, I loved it, especially when they cut to Fergie’s face, that dejected look in his eyes…you see the same haunted look on wildlife shows after the old lion/antelope/buffalo has just got his ass kicked by a youngster!

  3. The only saving grace for the premiership over the next couple of weeks is the Aussie & All Blacks tour to the north. Thank goodness I didnt watch the game on saturday otherwise I think they may have been some broken tv’s & glasses wherever I would have been watching the game

  4. Man U? What’s that? Shame Mercia, I know what it feels like to be a loser but not to that extent. Maybe the new away jersey will quell the demons into hibernation…..NOT!!!!!!

  5. Yeah, I think it’s time to abandon the premiership for some Test rugby…if we carry on like this, people will be constantly depressed, especially ManUre fans hehe.

  6. is LOSERPOOL playing today? if it is we cud watch it at room 10 over a keg of beer. trevor i know u r game, who else is in!!

  7. How I wish…I’ll be in the comfort of home, fast asleep by the time the game begins. Working like a whore, and I’m already knackered.

    Feel free to tell us all about it tomorrow!

  8. jigga eat dirt. seems like liverpool is more than just a team! what was the score by the way JIGGA?

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