And the hips just keep on coming…

The hips tell the truthKeeping up with both the state and “apartheid” media is a real drag, but sometimes you get a couple of gems to keep you sane. We might not be in the fast lane, but Zimbabwe is slowly catching up to the rest of the world in…acceptance.

Like the other day, when ZimDaily had this headline: “Sandra entices them in India”. That being Sandra Ndebele, of course, and the story was duly accompanied by a photo of our girl in that drawers-ripping, half-squatting, knee-bendy pose of hers. (Incidentally, anyone ever seen a photo of her standing up straight?). If ever there was a perfect ambassador for our country, it is she – go Sandy! Sandy! Sandy!

There’s also an increase in titty-flashes on ZTV, that last bastion of Zimbabwean cultural values – are they paying their editors, or are these dudes just loungin around Pockets Hill and, oops, missed a nipple, ad break, yay another gala, and we’re back, oh shit it’s the next day already and everyone’s fully dressed. Big 90s haircuts, too!

The whorification of the popular media contiues!

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