20 Replies to “Crouching tiger, hidden dragon Part III”

  1. rustygate has gone mobile baby! the japs have technology down pat! no more queuing at the internet caff for computers for me. now not only can i watch tv off my phone actual tv mind you not some grainy 2 bob video, surf the net, download movies and music onto the phone, i have inbuilt biometrics for added security. forget 3g this is the next frontier baby! boldly going!

  2. in the same vein that man cannot live on bread alone nor can woman live on vibrations alone!

  3. Chelsea 1 – 1 Valencia. Fresh outta the oven Babie! Chelsea yawona moto. I’ll stick my neck out and say Chelsea are out coz I don’t see them getting a result in Spain, athough, I’d rather Liverpool face Chelsea than Valencia, coz Chelsea vakadzi vedu hehehe 🙂

  4. Why were you at a computer at 11pm on a school Night? Four day weekend after a four day week AND before a four day week as well. SWEET!!!

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