Angelique Kidjo is a lying liar

Imagine my surprise when I was alerted to this bullshit right here. Even The Guardian is involved the main culprit.

In 2006, at a concert in Zimbabwe, Africa’s “premier diva”, aged 50, launched an attack on Mugabe: “I can’t understand someone who is burning his own country and abducting his own people. If you live by violence, you die by violence.” The audience prevented her being pulled of the stage and she managed to flee.

Hang on. That was at HIFA 2006, wasn’t it? I was at that concert. At the main stage, right? She even took a little tour round the gardens, through the crowd.

It was a good show. There wasn’t any trouble. In fact, I’m not sure I recall her making any political statement of any kind. But the audience helping her “flee”?

That. Is. Bullshit.


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