Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon cont’d

How long before Rafa Benitez tells the world it was all a big joke, laughs heartily and consigns that lumbering idiot to the reserves where he belongs?

I don’t care what anyone says about how Peter fecking Crouch brings value to the front line, he has good touch blah blah. The guy just has to go. I mean, he looked totally out of kilter against Chelsea, which I could almost forgive him for. Almost everyone else does, right?

Then he looks like a total fool against Charlton, and I’ve had about enough. If Liverpool are ever going to be serious about winning things (which is the absolute-fecking-point right?) then we can’t carry on playing that beanpole as a striker. Seriously, his first touches are crap, he flings himself around in a shameless parody of a spastic giraffe, and couldn’t connect to fecking AOL, let alone a cross from out wide!

What does he have to do, keep running straight and collide with the crossbar? Break his own legs while flinging helplessly at yet another great cross? How long do they have to swing balls in towards this guy before Rafa realises he’s Just. Not. Worth. It.?

Even ManUre’s starting to look good to me (yeah, like shit to a starving man.)