Are you kidding me?

Really? We want to form a cabinet? And what exactly do we think gives us the right? The legitimacy? The fecking mandate?

“We are a Government, and we are a Government that is empowered by elections.”

Really? Elections? Are we that delusional, to still believe, after all that has happened in the last ten years, that the people of Zimbabwe are happy with us?

Are we deaf now, as well as blind? When are we gonna come to our senses, figure it out, see the fecking light?


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  1. Dang, missed that last conversation Elle triggered. I’m interested to hear where Elle stands with regard to those three questions as I think that apply to women as much as they apply to males. Well, maybe not the last one. That one is a bit too complicated considering the anatomies involved.

  2. In view of this morning’s ridiculous quotes from Bobby M, I’d like to invert Elle’s 3 questions for the ladyfolk.

    Who do you think you could beat in a fight- Bob or Morgan?
    Who would be better in the sack- Bob or Morgan?
    And let’s stick with the necrophiliac/animal shag motif but specify the players.
    Issac Hayes in his current state or the horse (who also happens to one of Canada’s most successful Olympic athletes) in the link below?

  3. 1. Beat Bobby (somehow, that is one pet name I am not so sure about. Very misleading. makes it sound like I like him or something)
    2. Serena, V’s too lanky. (Yeah, that means I’d rather go with a woman then the male option)
    3. Issac’s too cold and which horse? I saw two in the shot. 🙂

  4. I would fight Venus, shag Venus and be shagged by an animal.

    I would fight Morgan, coz Bob’s medicine is strong, it killed Mwanawasa.
    Shag Morgan because he still has a dick
    And again the horse coz Hayes never tickled my fanny, sorry, I mean fancy.

  5. So, it turns out that Palin is my worst nightmare for second in command of the world’s most powerful nation. The woman personifies every single attribute that the world hates about America. If Wiki be taken for its word, the woman’s political views make her even worse than Dubya could ever dream to be. If this woman ever became president, the world would be screwed. I like to think I am a very open person but, I often find myself conflicted when it comes to republicans and conservatives and the like. The woman is EVIL and gives women a bad name. Give me Hillary any day. Obama better start packing because he is moving house. (Okay, so that was very optimistic. I like to call it, ‘say it enough times and it may just come true’)

  6. Found this gem in the ZimInd: Reporting on the Dynamos v Al Ahly game, a Zim commentator had this to say: “The Dynamos player should have been substituted in the early hours of the match because he was not in the right picture frame of mind.”

    Zveshuwa, chakauya nengarava!

  7. hey JB, I’m actually going to Spruce Meadows (show jumping) today, i’ll let ya know how skinny she is, lol! And dude, do you really weigh 61kgs…… mmmm you gettin me worried now! better eat lots of veggies, as SA health minister, Dr Mantombazana Tshabalala-Msimang, tells people that “they need to eat potatoes and other vegetables” to fight the disease, lol!

  8. So MT is talking about calling another election. I know that it’s just talk and will never amount to anything, but what kind of madness is that. HE pulled out of the last election citing violence, does he honestly want to put people through all that shit again? Coz you know ZPF will have no qualms about ratcheting up the violence if they know the MDC will capitulate under enough pressure. My understanding of politics might not be the greatest, but this just seems like idle talk, or sleight of hand to blind us to what the real issues are.

  9. Eleanour, did you read what he said? He said new elections ONLY under agreed international observation. Right?

    And international observation (full, this time) would prevent anyone getting away with what they did last time. Okay?

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