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  1. Dude women don’t make sense. But they are absolutely fantastic creatures. Three rules:

    1. Keep them safe and let them feel protected and loved
    2. Even if you don’t understand, always listen.
    3. Trust implicitly but communicate your concerns.

    At this stage in your life, alcohol should not make you act the fool (well too much anyway). You should, if you are being stupid, have a good hangover management system in place.

  2. Yeah, they’re fantastic but infinitely frustrating when they want to be. It’s like you can’t win, no matter how much good you do. Damn.

    As for drinking … there’s no such thing as a hangover management system!

  3. says the man who went on to drink the day after he quit drinking.
    Buffdaddy, are you married?:-)

  4. maybe she likes the way he thinks and shes looking for an alternative option. after all JB is more likely to give up drinking than to pop the question

  5. Anonymous if you’re gonna hit that hard below the belt, have the balls to identify yourself first. Coward.

    and Joe, the I’m never drinking again line is getting a bit trite don’t ya think. I thought Sundays solved Saturday’s problems…

  6. Yeah, the anonymous one is being kinda stupid today, isn’t?

    And Alias yeah you’re right, we do claim to be quitting, but in truth, we’re just lying to ourselves.

  7. shopping JB? i see you are. Anonymous “Minnie failed to meet the required standard” implies that Minnie was trying to meet some standards or that JB had set some. Wrong. i think JB cleared all that speculation in one of his posts way back. Alias i think you need to come back and join JB in his quest to not quit drinking 🙂

  8. “I see you are”? What does that one mean? Eish, you people are on some tip today, that I don’t understand.

    I reckon it’s time I visited Alias myself, to sample some of these herbal products whose virtues he’s always spouting 🙂

  9. C’mon over bro, we’re throwing a huge bash next Friday. It won’t be a “dry” event but it will be chaperoned event. Herbs will be passed, booties will shake and DJ’s will obliterate the outside world for a few hours.

    As for the whole quitting drinking thing, it really is all about moderation and planning (both time and money).

    I’m actually saving up for a return voyage but if and when I come back, the first thing I’ll probably do back in Harare is head to the Scud to meet JB over a quart of shitty Castle. Sorry Minnie….

  10. Quarts are available at OH feel free to come on by.

    Buffdaddy is not married but in a committed relationship. It’s nice being there. He’s at the age where he has been best man at three weddings, is a veteran uncle, a godfather and a sole member of the bachelor club amongst his mates. So yes the time has come.

    Black when you get to my age not only do you embrace the concept of marriage but you realise it’s a fate which is better than solo riding and exchanging stories of exploits and recounting how heavy the hangover was.

    Not being against or anything but love being in my thirties. For once I am the bali. Especially when I have players who only finished school last year.

  11. Good for you BD. i think thirties is a pretty good time to settle….or commit 🙂 you’ve done most of the skirt chasing, crazy ass stunts and beer drinking that you can…you’re right, solo riding does get a bit tideous as you get older…

  12. Killing two birds with one stone:

    Every single girl I know here in my contemporary age bracket (25-30) are hunting aggressively for a suitable mate, i.e. rich and stable. Keeping my girlfriend out of this ultra-competitive shark tank has been far from simple.

    Tara: an answer that doesn’t quite suit itself to blog comments but I can stick with apt clichees and say the climate, the people, and the pace of life.

    Oh and the fact that this article is the biggest buzz (both humourous and anxious):

    I’m not sure if you guys have a lot of context for what hipsters are but my friends are talking about this shit non stop. This is why I want to move to Zim, buy a house, marry a young Shona, and I don’t know import fuel or something.

  13. I little but don’t tell anyone.

    Drinking the imports eh? Last time I checked it cost a small fortune for a green or clear bottle. Living large JB?

  14. That really wasn’t what I meant to say… damn you internet.

    I definitely have some “hipster” qualities but don’t live my life for the scene. Any as even JB has noted, I got some killer T shirts.

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