Are you Scotland in disguise?

So, England lost to Northern Ireland last night…bwahahahaha. As the Irish fans chanted the title of this post, Scotland were busy wiring Norway at the same time 🙂

I think Svennis should resign in disgrace, really. How the fek do you bring Joe Cole into the game for SW-P and then keep Becks in the centre? That’s just feking stupid. And for us Liverpool fans, how the fek do you play Stevie G wide on the left? FFS! How stupid can you get? That dude should stick to sticking it to (see what I did there?) secretaries and Italian babes.

Somebody buy him a yacht, and give us Kevin Keegan or, even better, Souness. What price watching Souey screaming his lungs out at Becks and Lampard, giving them an earful and telling them how “fecking shit” they are. Now I’d pay *good* money to see that shit.

Not that I’m an England fan, mind.

3 Replies to “Are you Scotland in disguise?”

  1. Unopenga shamwari. the english are pretty close to being awesome, just that something’s missing, hameno kuti chii exactly but it’s close.

    Besides, they will surely qualify for the World Cup, unlike Zimbabwe Warriors, who always want survive on hope. at least kuAfcon we will be there, another step up for us. Why don’t we concentrate on our own team than agonising about England?

  2. yes, england are rubbish at the moment but sven has produced where others failed. who else recently has got them qualifying consistently. yes they have not won anythng, but they are always there or thereabouts? nice looking site by the way

  3. The reason I can’t help “agonising” over England, as you put it brother, is because of all the hype in the mainstream media whenever England play. For example, I live in a BBC bubble, I can’t help knowing when they play, who’s playing, and all the shit around the game.

    Can you blame me then for being interested? Same thing, if I lived in ESPN and CNN, I would be hyped up about NBA. Besides, ndimi munenge muchiti Warriors chii chii, but I bet you have an Arsenal shirt but no El Sporto or Legao branded shirts in your closet. Huh?

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