Long and hard

Banish that thought from your filthy mind. I mean my *weekend* was long and hard…although I did have a good quiet Friday for the first time in ages.

Saturday was great though, took a drive with my homie T, then sat and watched a bit of the footy. Bloody Liverpool couldn’t beat Spurs, fekin Cisse couldn’t be bothered to have a go, and shyting cricket was on the blink. Jaysus. Then of course I went down the (Irish) pub and had a bit of a time – all you fellas out there know Tipperary’s on Fife is the joint.

And no, I didn’t get any take-aways 😉 Quiet-ish Sunday too, down the Scud & Nanny to watch more cricket, only for the fekin Poms to ruin it. It takes one ripper from Warney to beat his bat and Vaughan goes haring back to the dressing room…pussy.

Generally, nothing to report. I just wish I were off on some distant island, drinking rum and watching cricket. Eh? 2007? Right.

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