Reality check aka “I’m an old-ass man, dawg!”

My baby sister was born on Valentine’s Day in 1988. As if being born on chocs-and-roses day wasn’t a blessing enough, she’s got me for a brother (and four others, just to make things interesting for any potential suitors out thurr). The scary part is, my baby sister is writing her final A-Level exam tomorrow.

After that, she’s free. Free. As in, a statistic, one of the 75%, an unemployed individual, a member of population at large, the Great Unwashed. She’s also over eighteen, out of school, and to all intents and purposes, an adult. My baby sister, my sweet little innocent, my conscience, my perfect little angel, has Come of Age.

Now, that’s some scary shit, y’all. Firstly, I know how tough it is in this environment, and for a school-leaver faced with ZBC’s “challenges” diving into real life must be doubly scary (yes, ‘doubly’ is a fecking word). The second consideration is this; if my baby sister is out of school, I can’t be that young anymore, can I? I mean, isn’t it time to face the music and, you know…grow up?

Nah. I’m a spring chicken. School-leavers? Bring ’em on, I may just invite her to stay for a coupla weeks so I can meet her cute little school-leaver friends, freshen my portfolio a lil’ bit, you know how we do.

Okay, a little too far.

14 Replies to “Reality check aka “I’m an old-ass man, dawg!””

  1. Dude you must realise that yer sister is a grown woman now…you cant be calling her baby no more…

  2. She’s still my baby…don’t even think about it bro!

    Lisa, don’t worry you know a brother’s always gettin lucky, I just tend to get a bit serious when graft is tight

  3. What are the rules on dating a friends sister…?

    (this has nothing to do with your sister Joe!).

  4. Be careful is the only rule. If hes a really close friend you have to convince him of the right intentions but if you’re not real tight, you have to make sure you’re bigger than him.

    That’s what my cousin brother told his mate when he hit on me

  5. didn’t he just go back to the way it looked like be4? I seem to remember a pink cow or something though, instead of a soccer filed

    looks nice though 🙂

  6. could be…. i only found out about this mystery site like 2 months ago…. Lisa you must be far away from zim coz i assume all the natives have gone home..hence the silence

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