Back to the grind

Long weekends are awesome, and this was no exception. Partying hard on Friday, watching rugby with the Mouse on Saturday, braaing with friends on Sunday, and Mereki on Monday. Life’s good.

The strange part is waking up on Tuesday and actually, being KEEN to get back to work, get going and get shit over with. I’m not used to feeling like this, so allow me to get some work done (for once) and savour this feeling.

I’m useful again. feck yeah!

15 Replies to “Back to the grind”

  1. KEEN?! If I had been any less in the mood to drag my ass out of bed this morning, to got to work, I’da been in a fucking coma.

  2. Im in the only Dark African country that doesnt even recognise Africa Day. πŸ™
    There was a fringe report in the most obscure media about “African countries” commemorating a holiday…

    The Comrades Marathon and Blue Bulls were all that was celebrated here. Good thing the Bulls played a blinder and the marathon was won by Zimbo Stephen Muzhingi – in the second fastest time ever, nogal! πŸ™‚

  3. Mos Nav, you talking about that ‘really pervy’ bookface group? The one that states that one will be banned for any negative comment? The same one that is verging on fully-fledge porn? That the one? πŸ™‚

  4. I luuurve my Zim sistaz and Im all patriotic and stuff…BUT…I have no choice but to live with those M’sF beings everyday…hmmm…

    (fake-resignation-to-my-terrible-fate emoticon…) πŸ™‚

  5. *mad cackling heard in the background* ManUre zveshuwa. No repeat of 1999 here! Awesome stuff.

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