13 Replies to “Headline of the week”

  1. I had a genuine, shocked, coffee-through-nose laughing fit in my office when I saw this.

    Although, as a caveat, the first paragraph did have “thump” in it somewhere, so I don’t think the standard has gone blue just yet.

    Still … how many online editors do they have? Someone to QC? Hello?

  2. Heh, just read the article; Seems some Tafadzwa dude was doing most of the humping…

  3. yah neniwo nda spakwa too much… beastiality in public like that…questions galore…where did humping take place, how many rhinos were involved, how many “caps” were involved, is this legal…rhinos being endangered species and all, were all rhinos female, why is this not front page news…evidently does not happen everyday,

  4. Must have been a bonking frenzy – rhinos being “horny” and the horn being an asian aphrodisiac of sorts…

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