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  1. hmmmm kinda quiet in here aint it….
    MAN U fans where u at hmmm

    still sore from the hiddin barca gave u

  2. At least it reminds ManUre that rhythm, movement and clinical possession are still the major factors in winning games at this level

  3. We right here!!!

    Manutd were shite last nite and Barca were excellent, on and off the ball. The better team won. Congrats to Barca. Deserved champions

    But fuck all the gooners/scousers sucking on catalan cock. How did yor seasons go you fucking cunts?

  4. Oh yeah, there’s that wonderful Mancunian charm we all know and love.

    For all the posturing and bluster before the game, you’re all pretty humble and QUIET now, ain’t ya? I guess a good anal raping does that, eh?

    How does it feel? eh? HOW DOES IT FEEL?!

  5. So we lost to the best team in Europe, but ffs we got to the final….again. Thanks to Barca, its now safe for the scouers to crawl out of their holes again. Well, congratulations on winning your final this season.

    We still won the league, for the 3rd consecutive time…ask me how that fuckin feels.

  6. Yesterday Man utd played the games of their lives, unfortunately for them Barca are too far superior. And so the question remains, did man utd deserve every accolade they received this season?

  7. Hell Yeah. ManU rule this island. And don’t you forget it! We won something Goddamit!

  8. Haha, i love it, so you revert to past glory. Who’s won more European Cups? Who’s been in more finals? LOL.

    For all the shit you guys were talking before the game, the beauty is not that i’m Liverpool and ManUre lost.

    It’s that big-mouth shit-talking ball-hanging dick-swinging posers lost. HA!

  9. we are the CURRENT EPL Champions. I did not mention past glory. Thats for the success-starved scouse scum.

    We got beat by the better team, simple as that. But I can understand your need to attach yourselves to “your” moment of glory. After all what else do you have?


  10. Nobody said it was our moment of glory, idiot. What we love is when YOU, who claim to be rulers of the world, get raped by your betters.

    It’s the same feeling we get when the villain gets thrown out of an airplane at the end of the movie. Schadenfreude. It’s beautiful.

    Suck it 😉

  11. LOL Tara, actually, anyone who loves football, beautiful football, was a Barca supporter last night. It’s just the blind ManUre fans who couldn’t see that …

    … Barcelona were always going to win it, and win it in style.

  12. Not an EPL nut and harbour no passions either way;

    B U T,

    did watch the game last night and Barcelona played SUBLIME football…

    Been a fan of E T O O since he debuted for Cameroon as skinny partner to Mboma about a decade ago. Love it when my darkies show the world whats what!

  13. Barca play beautiful footaball so no argument there. But if supporting a team was based on the love of beautiful football, your punk ass would have stopped supporting Liverpool over a decade ago. This has nothing to do with the love of beautiful football. Its all about your Anything But United approach to supporting football.

    And ofcourse hindsight is always king. Obviously its just the delusional scousers who coulnt see that…
    …Liverpool were never going to win fuckall this season.

  14. Oh, you are so funny. Who said supporting a team is based on the love of beautiful football?

    Refrain from putting words in my mouth, or projecting your rants onto me. It’s like people who say “most people agree… ” – you’re projecting your opinions onto others with no fact.

    i.e. you’re lying.

    And also, what do you know about my approach to supporting football? LOL, I revel in the misery of ALL of Liverpool’s rival clubs, that is The Other Three and Everton. So, no, you’re confused, again.


  15. “..actually, anyone who loves football, beautiful football, was a Barca supporter last night”. Thats bullshit and you know it. So infact its you who is lying.

    So what words did i put in your mouth? I couldnt do that if i tried coz your mouth is so full of that catalan cock you been suckin on since last nite.

  16. Its clowns like these that give ManUtd a bad rep.


    Nigerian Man Utd fan kills 4 Barca fans with Reuters,

    A Manchester United fan in Nigeria killed four people when he drove his minibus into a crowd of Barcelona supporters after his team lost the Champions League final, police said on Thursday.
    The crowd in the town of Ogbo were celebrating Barcelona’s victory after Wednesday night’s match when the bus drove into them. A police spokeswoman said 10 people were injured and the driver was arrested.
    “The driver had passed the crowd then made a U-turn and ran into them,” she said.

  17. My favourite chant to come out of the night was the following: Park! Park! Wherever you may be! You eat dogs in your home country! But it could be worse, you could be Scouse! Eating rats in your council house!”

  18. Oh, that’s sweet. I’ve been sucking catalan cock? Alright, let’s put it this way – at least I have the balls to put my name to my opinions.

    Hiding behind anonymity gives you a certain … carte blanche, shall we say?

    So feel free to spout your invective, however homo-erotic it may be (hey, whatever makes you happy china) but don’t presume to be taken seriously.

    As for the Naija, we all know ManUre fans are dolts.

  19. Dude, its just football banter. So i really dont expect my comments, or yours, to be taken seriously.

    My opinions would be no different if i put my name. In this case, I have identified myself as a ManUtd fan. Surely thats sufficient for this discussion. I am not making any personal attacks.

    You choose to give your name. Great for you and your balls. You have exercised your choice. I choose not to. Thats my choice.

  20. Oh no, it stays football banter until someone starts talking about sucking cocks and scouse cunts. Then it’s all-out war, bitch.

  21. Ok kids, playtime is over… you really are making it a tad bit awkward in here…

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