Bar collapses onto Sidewalk Cafe?

The SA Press Association reports that a bar collapsed onto a restaurant below in a Harare building on Thursday.

The witnesses say ambulances took away four bodies as well as several injured people. About 30 people had been inside at the time of the accident on Thursday night.

Apparently, the bar was just above the ground-floor Sidewalk Cafe on First Street.

Of course, getting independent confirmation of something like this will be impossible in the middle of the night, without my actually driving down there. So I’ll wait for news in the morning.

Assuming it’s accurate, what a damn shame. The last thing Zimbos need is to suffer when they’re de-stressing after the daily grind. Anyway, the (empty) bed summons me.

P.S. – there’s actually a bar in Harare I don’t know about? Wonders never cease.

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  1. So Kirsty thrashed them in her 200m backstroke semi-final, now it’s just the final tomorrow morning.

    She looks good value for this gold.

  2. “Several dozen people were in Sidewalk Cafe, located near Zimbabwe’s Reserve Bank, when the accident occurred at around 20:00 GMT, witnesses told a Deutsche Presse-Agentur reporter at the scene.”

  3. I thought this might tickle u

    “When a country has more goats than people,” Moyo opined, “it suffers a serious leadership deficiency as is happening in Botswana where a primitive and intolerant military junta is masquerading as a democracy.”

  4. Dammit, missed the drama between JB and Elle. Reading the dialogue had me wondering, has there ever been drama of a romantic nature between them. I know JB is gonna come all ‘very good friends so never happen bla blah blah’ (Zzzzzzz), but was there ever any history (if not WHY???, because from what I gather, Elle ticks most of JB’s boxes and more) and or is there any chance that this could happen. Also, would they be a match made in heaven or would it be just asking for trouble? Could Elle be the Juliet to JB’s Romeo without all the family feuding and suicide?

    Viva La Kirsty Coventry.

    Is The Arthur Mutambara the same one from Jameson?

  5. No Tara, there wasn’t ani history, silly girl. And no, I don’t think there’s any chance this couldh happen. I really don’t think I’m Elle’s type, LOL. (Read: lack of muscle).

    Besides, I’d kill her after a week.

    Tara, are you feeling really blonde right now?

  6. sigh another bar bites the dust.

    i was wonderin wat the tet-a-tet was about….
    well we’ll take JB’s word on that issue…

    Viva La Kirsty indeed and viva amaBoko Boko

  7. JB, I don’t think there is anything even remotely blonde about my question. And once again, you managed to dodge answering the question by pulling out the wimp’s unoriginal ‘I aint HER type’ card. I’ma let it go this once. Although, it could be taken as you did consider it and thought better of it. But the point being you thought about it. 🙂

  8. I was just saying. And JB, that is the second time this exchange you have called me silly. The expression (that, incidentally, Elle loves to use) ‘thou dost protesth too much’ comes to mind.

  9. Tara, seriously, your employer needs to channel more work your way, you have far too much time on your hands for idle thought. And JB is being chivalrous, a gentleman, whatever when he says that HE is not MY type, what he really means is that I am not his type. Just because a person ticks a few boxes doesnt mean that there are fireworks zinging around and that there is any chemistry. And no, I have never thought about shagging JB or siring his offspring, although any offspring we might have had would most likely turn out delinquent coming from such fine genealogy.

  10. LOL please, please, Elle is like the nutcase sister I never had, my own litle sis being a divine little goddess of an angel.

    So, the big one, HSC playing OH tomorrow, RSA playing NZ at the same time.

    Methinks someone’s gonna get druuuuuuunk.

  11. Again with the Chivalry and Gentlemanlyness. Enough with the sister, good friend, I aint her type etc. how about, ‘I think Eleanor talks too much and I could never get my way with her, and as such, I’d never go there’. That’s honest, yet quite flattering to Elle. Reads, ‘I have a lot of respect for her but she is too much woman for me’. See, now that is chilvary and gentleman like. This was you don’t have to go trying to justify no not finding her (now talking in general about just not being interested in a girl without giving some bullshit answer about being too close a friend or you not being your type) attractive if you don’t. I may have digressed there a bit. Can’t remember where this actually started. But the point is, dont you just hate when people have BS answers for questions that the find awkward to answer. I find the use of a BS answer is even worse than just coming right out and saying it. I ain’t saying this is necessarily what was going on here as there are extenuating circumstances, namely Miss M Mouse (JB obviously has to be careful of risking the Wrath of two of the women who currently mean the most to him one way or another). But I was watching Beauty and the Geek (as you do) and this maleBeauty had to come up with a response to whether his female Geek partner was the type he’d ever hook up with. You could tell what he had to say and how hard it was to come up with a decent BS story about why she wasnt his type. I find politeness is often actually patronisation.

    Sigh! I am just having a hard time right now so I kinda get a bit too analytical. I need another drink. Seems the lunch time pimms didnt do it.

  12. … ANYWAY, I knew one of the guys who was in the Restaurant below the bar, who sadly passed away. Very fine young man. Apparently the first floor decking was not concrete but wooden, and it gave way when the “bar” got overcrowded. Word has it the place was only overcrowded because of the “cheap” beer being sold there. It’s allegedly one of the most common ways in which money is being laundered in Zim. Buy beer for say $50 a pop from United Bottlers, through an interbank transfer ofcoz, get your stock and sell it at less than cost… say $30 per unit. This attracts many customers and there is very quick turnover of stock, IN CA$H.That cash is taken to the forex parallel market to buy forex which is in turn sold on at a higher interbank Transfer rate. Methinks owners of that building have a few questions to answer, and so does the City Council for licensing that “bar”. But then again … it is alleged.

  13. Kirsty did the business!! Homecoming queen finally, no more second princess frocks!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Tara, sit down and take a deep breath.

  14. Anonymous, not just ‘the big one’ but the one that is larger than life and twice as natural. And I give great head to boot.

  15. Eleanour is the most awesomest woman in the world. And I would give my left nut to get the “great head” she’s talking about. Lol. Happy now, Tara?

    Kirsty! Gold medal, bitch! Gold! GOOOOOOOOLD!!!! WORLD RECORD!!!!

    Suck it! Yeah, bitches, suck it! Whoooooooo! Gooooooold!

  16. I would worry less about your one nut and more about the drubbing you received at OH hands. So, how are you liking the taste of humble pie? Hope you have lots of beer to help it go down. Or are you gonna go double or nothing for the semi finals next weekend?

  17. Yeah. we did get whipped. On the other hand, it was good day out, drinking in the sun with the mates and the girl, and a good time was had by all.

    Now I’m just waiting for Buff Daddy to send me the logo and stuff, so I can pay the cost.

  18. ahhh JB so rustygate goes green soon huh…. oh well…
    did anyone catch that arrogant jamaican who won the mens 100m….
    i bet u if he sprinted 100m instead of 80 he’d get under 9.5s

    p.s i second that Minnie

  19. You need to get laid, lol.

    Geesh, people are making a killing here, with pricing of goods. 25kg rice for usd60? Faaaaahk.

    Hurry whilst talks last.

  20. lol ok tara. eish saw a nasty accident along enterprise today by morris depot, and its like almost in the same spot as another accident just last week. the car was practically upright against a tree and badly mangled, but the 16 year old driver came out of it alive only to face the wrath of his irate father. like that spot is cursed aint it.

  21. Hopefully that boy Brian Dzingai can keep his cool through to the 200m finals. It would be nice to get a medal for something other than swimming. Does anyone else find it ironic that the local media declare Zimbabwe to be a ‘sporting powerhouse’ by virtue of one white girl winning all of Zimbabwe’s medals in the water, where even in the US there have only been 2 black men to win gold medals in any swimming event.

  22. I wonder which is more impressive, a ‘Zimbabwean swimming’ gold medallist or a ‘black swimming’ gold medallist.

  23. Zimbabwe rocks, so does Kirsty. Why it always gotta be about race? Why y’all up in here talking bout white swimmers and black swimmers and shit.

    Why can’t y’all just be happy, why you always have to go nigga up in here.

    Goddamn Africans.

  24. Hey, don’t go getting your panties in a twist. Sheesh. 🙂

    Anyway, managed to go eyeball The Dark Night. Heath Ledger was as good as they make out. Had me pissing my pants the way Javier Bardem did in No Country for Old Men. The story was very dark, having you ready to duck behind your seat while at the same time having you keen to see what happened next. That said, I can’t say the movie as a whole was brilliant. It was great until you realised they had another story to tell. When that happens, I just start getting pissed. Make you wish for one of those endings that has you just hanging. They ruined it by trying to squeeze in another baddy, whom I think could have been handled better in a separate movie. Oh, and as is always the case with movies made with America in mind, they had to go and have this whole overriding sentimental theme to it which kinda sucked. And I couldn’t take the Batman voice seriously. Overall mark, I’d give it a 6.5 and an Oscar for Heath (The gods rest his soul) and for having the decency to kill off the most annoying character.

  25. Ngonidzashe Makusha misses a medal by one cm in the men’s long jump. How is that for a kick in the proverbials.

  26. They used to share the spoils. Kirsty made more headway earlier on though on the international stage. That year there were a fair few girls vai mira mira on the swimming front.

    Ari kupiko mazuva ano Farai Rook, didn’t she have a stint as a model at some point?

  27. Hanzi Farai Rook was married to Phat Joe, that loudmouth from RSA.

    Thanks Tara for your Dark Knight review, I’m sure when ew watch it in November we’ll feel the same way 🙂

  28. yep she did…. then that phat fuck wanted to kick my ass in about 2001 or so at a club in Jozi, big mouthed jack-ass! he was acting like he was spinning and mixing….. all the while the song was a Fatman Scoop Mix….. fucken weak dude! lol! So you know what I’m like, i mean I’m fucken rude dude…. and i laughed at him and ripped him after his set, oh well whatever… he’s still a fake ass schmuck. Anyway, JB, i got my perm res on Friday! Now i gotta work, talk about mixed fortunes, been a year since i last worked, i need ideas how i can loaf around for longer, lol!

  29. From what I know Farai Rook was a better swimmer than KC … just that the latter had the forex to continue swimming in the USA. As I remember Farai Rook was the youngest ever Zimbabwe supermodel at aged 15 years … Last I heard she was 1 of RSA’s top ten models …. where is she now I wonder … ???

  30. WOW! Just read the last few posts and listended to Farai’s Hip Hop. She’s SO cool. I just love the voice, words and music. Thanks Joe and thanks Sipho. You know Farai was an icon of her era, and when I was a young teenager attending Goromonzi I collected so many newspaper and magazine articles on Farai Rook. She was an inspiration to so many of us. These days in Zimbabwe personalities like Farai Rook just don’t exist. Thanks for the memories!

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