14 Replies to “The Reverse Bel-Air …”

  1. When you go thru the initial stages of the Bel-Air rap (from The Fresh Prince etc), then instead of finishing it you add something totally different, like a way of delivering bad news.

    In this instance, the example involves a girl dumping her boy. Make of it what you will.

  2. Now this is a story all about how, my life got flipped turned upside down, and I’d like to take a minute just sit right there and tell you all about how the great uncle’s medicine got to Mwanawasa, who died earlier today in France. Have the temerity to describe ‘his’Zimbabwe as the sinking Titanic indeed.

  3. Lol, Elle, that was a good RBA. But bad taste? Uhm … yeah. Tara, yeah it is no disrepect to say that a dead man IS dead.

    Anonymous, quite possibly.

    Vim, Cyanide and Happiness is cool, but xkcd is the one webcomic to rule them all.

  4. Joe, so he was a fastest loser? Cause, I am betting he comes second last at best in the final. Any word on Marlon Devonish for Team GB? That there is a beautiful man.

  5. Hey, I asked you if there were any more hopefuls under the ZIM flag. I believe your speedy response was something in the ball park of NO. So being the resourceful lass I am, I looked for an alternative, and found one. So, this so called lack of confidence I am exhibiting is all YOUR fault.

    So good luck to you with your boy. I’m with Malcolm, although I don’t fancy his chances either.

  6. Eish, that 200m final is going to be blistering, coz the qualifying times are off the charts. Our Brian (pronounced ‘brine’) ‘only’ clocked 20.17 . Previous Olympians have been between 19.35-19.98. But I have faith that he will at least kick Christian Malcolm’s ass to the kerb.

    Tara, yes, Marlon is a rather fine example of manhood. Pity though that some good looking people are then allowed to open their mouths.

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