Broke ass ninja!

All my friends are morons, and I’m guilty by association.

We spend way too much money in bars, clubs and related establishments. We drink too much, we eat too much and smoke too damn much in these places.

Braais, people. That’s where all the value is.

We need to wean ourselves off the juicy teats of waitress service, pool tables and beer on tap. If we look at it objectively, we can have all we need and spend half the cash we do now.

We don’t need to watch every major sporting event in the Scud & Nanny. All we need to do is organise a bring-and-share at one person’s place. Preferably a person with a flat-screen TV and paid-up DStv, a bit of charcoal and some tongs.

We get a fire going, down some drinks, and it’s all good, baby.

I’m tired of paying hundred-dollar tabs for sub-standard service and overly-priced whisky, folks.

Home is where it’s at from now on, cos my broke ass can’t afford to feck around in pubs anymore.

So au revoir, Tiny Red Bar.

8 Replies to “Broke ass ninja!”

  1. This is your most sensible blog post to date.And your biggest cry for attention. I will respond to this cry with an invite…soon as my broke ass gets a flat screen TV.

  2. and the road to hell is paved with such good intentions. This is like deciding to start on a diet and then all your friends are having birthday parties where the beer flows and the meat is plentiful.

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