CABS aplogise: wonders never cease

Dear Gold Class Clients,

All of us at CABS have realised that communication is absolutely vital, not only between ourselves but most importantly to our clients – a factor that was not taken into account over the recent increase in the minimum balance limits for Gold Class clients from $ 500,000 to $ 5 000 000.

We profoundly apologise for the lack of communication from CABS and fully appreciate that this error has caused untold difficulties in your banking lives. You deserve to be given the proper period of notice and to this effect; we will be revising the date of this change to 1 November 2005 and reverse any charges incurred.

To our Gold Class clients who are currently 60 years or over, the minimum balance will stand at $500,000.
The reason for the increase is two-fold: The ramification of the current economic situation means that increases are necessary in order to continue to exist but also, we wanted to raise the level of service you receive from Gold Class.

If you feel that retaining this minimum balance is difficult we do have alternative options for you to consider.
Blue Class account: Minimum Balance is $25 000 and a monthly service charge
of $15,000 per month.
icabs account: No minimum balance and no monthly service charge, however you are restricted to 5 transactions in a banking hall per month.

We take your feed-back and your comments very seriously and would appreciate hearing from you. Please feel free to contact us on any subject and we have set up a Contact Centre especially for this reason. The toll-free number is 0800 2200 500 or landline numbers are 870559, 870567 or 870518. Please could you telephone us and let us know your latest contact details, including your email address, as we would like to start communicating with you on a regular basis.

Please accept our apologies once again; we really do value your support.

3 Replies to “CABS aplogise: wonders never cease”

  1. I’m sure they got lots of people bitching and whining about this, not least here in, and sent us this apology.

    And shockingly, they even reversed the balance change and gave us back our 5 mils. Lovely. Take that, corporate world, score one for the little man 😀

  2. So guess from the 1st Nov you will be banking at POSB. Saka we have 5m for the weekend but whatever you do dont buy a PHONE

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