Can we be serious, please?

I have just been watching some balding Zimbabwean British-based ‘political analyst’ offering his punditry on the BBC.

This guy was asked how the community was responding to “Tsvangirai’s move” to quit the election, and he went off on how people were disappointed because they were preparing to celebrate that “come Friday, Mugabe would be out of office”.

He seemed a little pissed that MT spoilt his party. Well, sorry dude.

Aside: credit to the producer for playing the clip from Sunday’s abandoned rally in the background, with people being chased down and whipped.

Look, chum. It may be fine feeling betrayed from your cushy couch over there, but it’s not sunshine and fecking roses back home. The terror is palpable, and people are in real big shit.

Also, consider this. MT and them weren’t ready to concede, but after getting input from the people on the ground, those being chased around and terrorised, the MDC leadership appears to have taken the high road.

How do you ask a young student to go act as a polling agent at some remote school in Chinosviramakudo North, knowing full well there’s a huge chance he’ll have his balls cut off and mailed home in the back of a police Defender?

It’s one thing to advocate for change, another to die for it.

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  1. Ko nhai asikana, are we understanding each other? The people I asked to be serious are those who say MDC’s fucked up by quitting.

  2. Look at the bright side JB. The guy could have been fronting about how Bob deserves to win. At least he not on the fence and actucally on the right side of the fence. Three more days to find out whether we have to wait longer to actually have someone sworn into office. I wonder if it is possible that people will vote for Mogy anyway. I very tasteful FUCK YOU to you know who.

    JB: You sure noone’s gonna be all over my ass (or yours) over all this?

  3. Like I said the other day the pressure has ratcheted up. Now the Queen has stripped him of his knighthood – KCB, Nelson Mandela has said that Zimbabwe has a failure of leadership and the big bad West are talking about increased sanctions. Like I said – the winter of our discontent.

    The idiot you are referring to is George Shire a known Zanu PF apologist. Probably friends with chemical ali – tanks, wut tanks. Withdrawal from elections, what withdrawal.

    All you peeps in Zim be safe and keep your loved ones safer.

  4. I dont think Bobo gives two hoots which of his honourary degress or whatever. He can always “fall back” on his 7 seven degrees he got legitimately! Besides I dont think his cv will sent anywhere anytime soon

  5. Besides, it ain’t like the Queen actually took back the medal or whatever that thing is. Bob will probably still wear the damn thing anyway. So tomorrow is the big day huh?! Can’t wait to see what happens on the other side.

  6. i wonder what would happen in the extremely unlikely event that MT wins the election that he withdrew from

  7. now wouldn’t that be funny. if that should happen more toys will be thrown out of the pram, and if we thot this period has been difficult, such a win would guarrantee hell

  8. Would be an act of God. Word has it that the Bobster claimed that only God would get him deposed (read like ‘disposed’ the first time round). Evidently the man ain’t never heard about tempting fate. But, yeah, MT winning would be fucking hilarious. I wonder which would be sweeter, him winning by a land slide or by a tiny majority. Both have got to hurt like hell.

  9. Question: if MT did win, should he refuse to accept the job, seeing as he volunteered to withdraw?

  10. He should just accept as the powers that be insist on having his name on the docket (or whatever the hell it is called), completely disregarding the withdrawal. What they say goes right. Besides, the alternative is unacceptable. Right?

    By the way Elle, I appreciate that you didn’t choose to use the word quit or the terms give up and chicken out.

  11. Okay, for all my punishing criticisms of MT, I am rooting for him, and have been since the emergence of the MDC who I have voted for in every election I could (and indirectly against that bleeding constitutional referendum that Jono Moyo tried to force down our throats) – tough love I guess. I just feel that sometimes the MDC loses the plot a bit, and they should never be above criticism just because they are (currently) the opposition. That’s how we got into this mess in the first place, people not acting on constructive criticism other than to shoot the messenger.

  12. I gather from that MT is the lesser of two evils for you too. We all know that he ain’t gonna be no Clinton or whatever person’s the epitomy of the ultimate leader (Nelson maybe?). I wonder, is he going to make a decent president for the times that Zim is stuck in. For me, MT’s role has been to get rid of Bob for a change and remind the people they have the poe. Whether the guy will turn the country around is another story to be addressed after the current gavhu gets a breather, warms the bench, takes a leave of absence etc. But I tell you what, if he passes legislation that means one can only hold office for a limited number of years, I will eat my hat. Otherwise, I kinda think he will manage to alienate people soon enough. The man WILL switch on us. Lets hope Zim peeps will have learned from the Bob saga before there is a repeat. Watch out for when he marries someone young enough to be his daughter. Then you know that the shit just hit the frakking fan.

  13. I think MT will play a similar role to Chiluba in Zambia. Just get rid of KK then it will be up to the 3rd generation of politicians to get things moving properly. Everybody wants a ride on the gravy train I tell you. Look at the whole BEE nyaya in SA.

  14. But what are the chances that MT will be as dull (uneventful- forgive me if I am missinformed as I can’t remember him sticking out much at the time when I was still trying to find out what the point of the news was other than to induce sleep when I insisted on staying up beyond 8pm) as Chiluba was.

  15. Voting day! Yay!

    So I’m massively hung over (last night was like Friday), and now I’m going over to a mate’s to burn meat and drink whiskey (yeas Elle, it’s Irish, so it’s spelt with an ‘e’) and watch BBC.

    Yay Zimbabwe. (for fuck’s sakes)

  16. Hey, I am not American I dont arbitrarily drop letters from words, nor do I add them when they don’t need to be there.

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