Blinded by the light

Justice will prevail.

That’s what gives me comfort.

So no matter how tired we feel, no matter how much stress you put on my back, no matter how hard they make my life … justice will prevail.

Even if the rest of Africa forsakes us, and notwithstanding how deep Thabo Mbeki shoves his head up his ass. We don’t mind.

Because we’re Zimbabweans. We can handle the pressure. We’ve seen it all before. This is all basically Gukurahundi writ large. So it’s nothing new. And in a largely Christian nation, we hold onto one of the basic tenets of that belief.

That someday your just desserts will come to you. And you’ll get what you’ve paid for. The tax-man cometh, and he’s not bringing fecking chocolates.

Justice will prevail.

50 Replies to “Blinded by the light”

  1. You bought your red dye to feign that you voted yet? How long for the dye to completely fade?

  2. Stay safe, bro. Seriously there are enough fallen comrades out there without adding one more to the list.

  3. What? Is Avondale too posh for hooliganism? Even with it as close to the university as it is?

    Elle, comrade (in reference to our Joe) is overstating it a bit. Don’t you think? 😉

  4. Once again I find myself in disagreement with you JB. The crux of this post is one I heard time and time again whilst in Zim and I always politely nodded while feeling sorry for those with the sincere belief that some divine intervention will cure the ills of your country. I don’t wish to put a nail in the coffin of hope but Zim’s salvation will only come from smart folks in Zim (like yourself) and in the diaspora (like Ele).

    Without wishing to sidetrack your sincere post I need to share an anecdote with you.

    Prior to the Nazi’s occupying my grandfather’s village in Poland, the community decided to flee into Russia but first needed to consult the village leaders, i.e. the rabbis. The wise old rabbi discouraged fleeing to the relative safety of Russia saying that “God is here just like he is there.” As far as I know, my grandfather is the only surviving villager.

    Justice is not an ephemeral specter arriving like the messiah. It is an idea that is shaped by men and women and I hope that Zimbabweans will soon be able to claim that they re-instituted that concept through their own endeavours.

    be safe and never lose hope

  5. Hey JB. You okay? You ain’t been sounding good lately. With all the goings on, receiving te bill, Bob making an ass of himself, and you being tired, I am getting worried. And now everyone’s talking about sanctions and Rwanda and such. Can’t help thinking you might be about to break. Let us know that you are alright, okay. 🙂

    I don’t mean to make light of a shitty situation, but God, this must suck for y’all. Because it sure sucks from this end. So exasperating. So, what comes next? Another four, five years of begrudgingly coping and hoping for the best in the next bout of elections. Will The Man last that long? If not, what will happen then. And by the way, who the hell was vice president all this time?

  6. There was no government in place, because that was dissolved shortly before the March election. So now that we have a president he can appoint people to posts and we can have the MPs sworn in. Though there are going to be a fair few by-elections since some of the MDC MPs have since died.

    The ZEC has claimed that the votes are ‘not adding up’. Now how about that, you run as the sole candidate and you still can’t fix the result in your favour. Thank goodness he has Thabo fighting in his corner who insists that he be acknowledged as the legitimate leader. Honest broker indeed our Thabo.

  7. It is sure funny how quickly these results were made official. ZEC is one hell of an efficient and independent body.

  8. I meant who was vice president before the elections. When I left, we had at least Muzenda (not sure whether Nkomo was still around. Come to think of it, I ain’t even sure he is deceased). Was that still the case? As I am wondering who would likely take over if say Bob keeled over and died. What would happen?

  9. Ah yes, and that decision came back to bite Bob in the ass. It was a toss up between Mujuru and Mnangagwa. Bob picked the chick thinking she would be a walkover and since the Tsholotsho debacle he could no longer be assured of Mn’s allegiance. But it turned out all helter skelter and it was Mujuru who became the thorn in bob’s flesh and Mn’ the party stalwart. Divide and conquer I guess. Keeps them on their collective toes.

  10. Turns out that in the interim, someone in SADC has been growing a backbone. The poll was deemed not credible, officially, but you have to wonder though what strong arm tactics were used to get that wording out, coz as we all know, the wording is oh so important. Don’t want it too strong now in case we might offend a man who has no qualms about killing ‘his’ ‘own people’ just to retain power.

  11. Guys, it’s all a crying shame. You can’t possibly imagine the collective dejection and shell-shock prevailing here in Harare.

    The number of people I’ve seen just shaking their heads at random strangers. Like in the Avondale flea market yesterday, this one dude just looked at me and shrugged.

    I know dude. I know.

  12. dude…… another 5 years of bollocks! On the bright side of life at least F Torres scored against Germany! lol, stay strong bro! When you coming this side?

  13. Oh and thanks Galadriel, I’ll check out your link, as JB never got back to me (dude, Joe, holler at me on facebook when ever you wanna chat, sometimes i miss your responses on this link, cheers)

  14. Soz Rav been trying to drown Ye Olde Sorrows.

    By the way, as a prelude to dollarisation: at the flea market yesterday, almost every vendor I spoke to gave me the USD price first, then a converted zim dollar rate.

    Then went to The Sitar for lunch, and we were charged in “Units” … one unit being a USD.

    We are fucked.

  15. Everyone at home is quoting ish in teh USD rate, first it was the black market, now we are gonna have an informal currency. The farce continues.

    Keep your head up hun!

  16. Zim is dollarised. I bought a crate of eggs for $4 on Saturday at that real club, JB not your pretend one. It was cheaper in Bush Dollars than Shona dollars.

    I am pricing everything that I do in USD it’s the only way.

    It was fascinating watching Bob’s inauguration on, wait for it, Al Jazeera. Meanwhile (said in that annoying way that OScaaaaaaaaaaar Pambuuuuuuuuuuuka way) Dead BC only showed it an hour or so later. It’s a proper Micky Mouse dictatorship. You schedule your inauguration (read coronation) hours before the results are out. BTW this time we imported special counting machines from Uzumba Maramba Pfungwa to speed up the electoral process.

    One fascinating thing was the emergence of the prodigal son where has Grace been hiding that boy.

  17. So I was in the general neighbourhood last night, and I heard the singing. Damn, they were real loud with those revolutionary songs. Makes you wonder.

    BD the problem is not everyone has access to the Bush Leaves yet, I suppose with more dollarization we’ll all be able to buy eggs at YOUR club.

    Which one was it? And does he still learn here in ZW?

  18. Grace’s older son. Trying to get a link on the boy but they have been featuring him voting with his older sister in the papers. First time that I have seen official confirmation of him. Heard he went to UCT but didn’t finish or was excluded – I suppose la meme chose

  19. I was reading the paper the other day and they printed the ‘unofficial’ inflation figures. 9 000 000%. Surely a typo I thought. Continued reading, no, not a typo. I mean those numbers are beyond staggeringly jaw-dropping pop your eyes out insane. And this and more is what he was gunning for another 5 year term for? He will be a nanogerian by then.

    Alias, you still in Zim, thought you were out of there early June?

  20. Who should intervene here. African Nations or The International community? What did Africa do when it was Rwanda? Because understand the International community choosing to keep their noses out. But what do Zimbabweans at home want? Africa or everyone to butt (in a positive way) in? To negotiate gently or are they now sick and tired and wanting drastic measures taking? What is Zimbabwe will to deal with?

  21. What do Zimbos want? AFAIC, international peacekeepers, whether AU or whatever. UN monitoring of new elections. Disbanding of militia. Police protection of the people. Free media.

    No chance.

  22. Muchatongogomera muripo. Mungagodii? Kana mazonyatsopfidza muchafunga futi kuti motamba yipi.

  23. Maybe a New World Order style government would be best! One leader, One currency, No boders! The idea of military intervention by African nations or international community would only see the innocent suffering, and there is no way you can get marine style blokes to come in and get him without him knowing they are coming for him. The only way is to get Chuck Norris in to do the deed,coz chuck is the man!

  24. Chuck Norris? No way! Jack Bauer would get it sorted in 24! 🙂

    No, on a serious note, WTF? Tanzania’s president, Uganda’s, Egypt’s? The AU is letting us down calling Bob a hero. And what’s with the critics not showing up. What the hell?

  25. I watched in on CNN it was brilliant. Definite signs of dementia.

    What does the ordinary Zimbo want – well lets try this:

    1. Shelter
    2. Food
    3. Inalienable right to self determination
    4. The opportunity to earn a living wage
    5. Healthcare

    So what does that mean in practice. It means that as in most countries around the word we know that politicians’ shit stinks but let us get rid of you when the stink is overwhelming. What does that mean now, it means Robert Gabriel, we want to consign you to annals of history. We want to vote you out of power and have an MDC government and when their shit stinks, we want to vote them out. So what do we want from the world and Africa – we want you to force him to resign or stand in a proper election where the media is open and reports both sides and accepts advertisements from the opposition, we want observers on the ground two months before an election, we want observers from across the globe. We want to vote in peace.

  26. But how does the ordinary Zimbo expect to achieve what they want

    1. If employed & comfortable, continue working and hope things get better
    2. If unemployed/ broke, join the bandwagon of self made billionaires..hustling forex, basic commodities,
    fuel,your body, your soul
    3. If 1&2 dont work, Emigrate to SA,UK, Australia or fcuk it, even Japan
    4. If 1,2&3 dont work groan and moan, vote for “change”,
    5. And when 4 doesnt work, moan some more, blame MT, Thabo Mebeki, the International community, God, your dog, the moon, for not doin enough for your spinelss ass

  27. I hear you BD. Also hear that your heart is broken. You sound like a broken spirit. So much so I think I might cry (I am not taking the piss and am being sincere).

  28. Sorry Joe, wasn’t insinuating any different. Its just that BD sounded like he really depressing and I had to say something about it. Didn’t mean to make you feel left out, as you know that I am always thinking of you too when I think about how unjust things are right now. Always. Okay Joe? I do care for you! 🙂 *SOB*

  29. Okay okay, damn, I wasn’t bitching about it. Jayzus Gala, you’re learning fast aren’t ya? Elle’s lessons paying off?

  30. I’m a good teacher! And speaking of which, Gala, I must admit, you have grown on me. Time was I wouldn’t have spit on you if you were on fire, actually, I would have actively gone out of my way to stab you had I met you on the street, even a brightly lit one. I was wrong, you are alright.

  31. Man, now you lot have gone and turned up the pressure for me to either be very worldly or witty. Something that is actually likely to end in my being obnoxious or people realising I am actually a moron. Life is so much easier when people have absolutely no expectations of you. No one to worry about disappointing.

    But I did learn from the best didn’t I? And thank you Eleanor – I think.

  32. Get a room so you can what Anonymous, finally get to indulge your fantasy of some girl on girl action which you havent paid on DVD for? Or some street walker?

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