Casino Royale – like Segolene, with less socialism

So yesterday three large men picked me up from my house, and off we went drinking. And I saw Vim. And I ended up at the casino (the one at Rainbow Towers / Sheraton / That Dirty Old Building), and I’ll tell you one thing; I suck at black-jack. And I don’t mean eTV suck, I mean hard-core, Jenna Jameson, Tera Patrick sucking. Couldn’t win shit.

Speaking of shit, I can’t believe the Indians beat Australia. I suppose you have to give them credit for trying, but I’ll tell you that right now there’s one entity that pisses me off in this world, and that’s India cricket. There’s no way I’ll get caught up in this yippee, it’s-great-for-the-game, someone-beat-Oz lovefest. Socialism is dead.

Speaking of socialists, am I the only one who thinks Segolene Royale is hot? Cos she is smoking. If you don’t know, she’s the dolly what lost the French presidential erection to that little fascist Sarkozy.

Speaking of Sarkozy, seen his new chick Carla Bruni? Hot she is, granted. I’ve also seen her tits. What price the future first lady of France having snaps taken with her tits out? I love it.

Speaking of love, anyone who loves Liverpool will be hoping those two Yankee bastards who bought the club get the hell out asap. Are you kidding me? They gots to go, and leave Rafa the Gaffa alone.

And after that series of unfortunate segues, I bid you adieu, children, and don’t make noise cos daddy’s got a hangover. 🙂

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  1. Segolene far hotter than Cecile Sarkozy methunk. Bruni a’ite, but her and Sarkozy epitomise all that is naff and chav in the world.

    Did anyone catch the Portsmouth game? Benjani was on FIRE! Leapfrogged to 3rd top goal scorer after that blistering performance.

  2. How can we watch sport when there was no power. Seems it may have been a nationwide deal, from quarter to eight last night till just after mid-day today.


  3. all i can say is viva la france
    . 😳 😈 :mrgreen:
    you go girl growlll (well for most of the pics dont like the haevy make up one )
    . 😳 😈 :mrgreen:

    oh an d good on ya benji you zimbo bastard 😀

    o JB…. 😈 :mrgreen: 😈 :mrgreen:

  4. now i have that out of my system… i think those two yanks can go suck a fat one

    leave the kop alone what the hell wld klinsman bring to the team eh… a german way of playing football… when was the last time a german team woin UEAFA 199something or other i think …

    and yeah JB Segolene is hot

  5. Actually the French are getting less and less happy about Sarko’s antics with the lovely Ms Bruni. Its ok to fcuk around but not in the public eye. That hypocrisy is what led Sarko to come out guns blazing about ‘nt lying or hiding’ his shenanigans with the upmarket village bicycle of Bruni.

  6. I see Zim are back in fine form in the cricketing arena. Their current required run rate is 21.42. You have to laugh. Coz all the other options are too bleak to contemplate.

  7. when it comes to zim cricket expect the worst… thata way when we win u are plaesantly suprised but when we lose you are not dissapointed 😈

  8. You should start setting fire to things like the Sarf Airfreekens do. Trains, buses, cars, whatever. Although you might be hard pressed to find matches, which would probably be put to better use for cooking purposes.

  9. Dhlaks ‘when we win’. when did that last happen? even Bangladesh is kicking our asses now! Ireland, an associate nation can kick our ass! And that Chingoka blokes blow hot air about returning to the test fold. Head of manure I tell you.

  10. Ey Reds those yankee dudes are not the problem but Rafa `big mouth `the Gaffa,he`s one confused coach who does`t know what he`s doing.

    Don`t worry the yankees might be gone sooner than expected and you`ll be in the hands of the` al qaeda`

    Good for you reds maybe you might start winning games coz mari yavo haiendere mahara!!!

  11. Spurs! Hahahaha! 5-1! Haha.

    On another note, I’m loving the African Nations Cup. Chipolopolo thrashed Sudan lol, and Cameroon took a beating.

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