Chombo is tackling corruption!

This is too good, I have to post large chunks of it, without comment, unabridged. Exphasis is mine.

THE Minister of Local Government, Rural and Urban Development has embarked on a sustained exercise to cleanse local authorities of corruption and abuse of office.

At least 10 councillors have been fired so far for corruption and abuse of office.

Local Government, Rural and Urban Development Minister Ignatius Chombo confirmed to the Sunday Mail newspaper that Government had instituted investigations in all councils that stood accused of corruption and abuse of office.

The minister will appoint a new batch of eight special councillors in Bulawayo …

… He castigated councillors in Bulawayo for acting in concert to frustrate the appointment of more professional people as councillors with no voting powers.

The eight are to be appointed to give the elected councillors some experience and guidance in local governance.

Minister Chombo said he was going to choose the eight from a pool of experienced people.

Turning to corruption and abuse of office by councillors and council officials, he said Government was wielding an axe on all corrupt officials as it moves to restore sanity in local authorities.

He said his team of investigators would descend on Beitbridge on Tuesday to probe the allegations of corruption and abuse of office after reports that councillors were unashamedly busy parcelling out stands to their relatives on tribal grounds while there seems to be no hint of accountability in the handling of council funds.

In Victoria Falls, the minister said investigations were being held by the permanent secretary’s office and were ongoing after which a course of action would be determined by the outcome, while in Gweru the ministry was carrying out investigations on allegations of corruption and abuse of office that led to the suspension of the Chamber Secretary, Mr Richard Masinire.

He said the ministry had finalised investigations into the Chitungwiza corruption issue that led to the sacking of some of the councillors after they were found on the wrong side of stipulations of the Urban Councils Act while investigations of abuse of council funds were in progress in Chinhoyi.

Minister Chombo added that his office had fired five councillors in Rusape for corruption and had also sacked the illegitimate deputy mayor for Mutare after he was involved in an accident with the mayor’s S-Class that he had taken and went on a joyride.

And don’t bother asking me what I was doing on that pit of vile, random venom called, even I have no fecking clue. I just know this report came from the Sunday Mail.

Do with it what you will.

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  1. Do I know the guy who passed this comment on ND this morning!! Was up my boy …. how I agree with you!! There it goes ” Zaanse Schans, you may be tired of this and that, but the difference is that we CHOSE our council, and we gave them the mandate to do what they can.

    It’s not Chombo’s mandate to dictate what happens in OUR chosen council, and he needs to realise that he can’t hide his criminal abuse of power, looting and partisanship any longer.

    Pamberi neCouncil yedu.
    Joe Black on October 6, 2010, 10:44 am

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