Come on, stop trying to hit me and hit me!

Been watching a lot of DVD movies lately. Besides the fact I don’t currently have DSTV, the options are BTV and DeadBC, and I can only watch BTV on Thursday nights. West Wing, baby. ZBC? Never – at least not till the football season starts.

Anyway, back to the movies; when was the last time a movie really grabbed you? I’m talking Matrix-style gripping, Sharon-Stone-crossing-her-legs gripping, I-see-dead-fecking-people gripping! Cos recently, these flicks are all just one long blur.

Hang on – Pirates of the Carribean 2? Okay, not bad, I actually remember a few of the action sequences. Over the Hedge was hilarious, but not so….you know. There’s something missing from these movies lately, that extra bit of…oomph. You know, when a movie grabs you by the balls (or whatever your protruding bits), shakes you around and tosses you across the room like a rag doll. Like, wow, dude.

I’m holding out for Borat and Casino Royale, cos all the rest seems like, well, shit. Save me Hollywood.

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  1. I dont usually like such kinds but The Departed was really good Joe. Borat is amazing I think youll like it handiti ndiwe AliG

    so wet and dreary tonight I miss home you guys

  2. I agree with lisa lisa The Departed was definately the movie of 2006 hands down! Dejavu was good though when u really think about what happens in the movie u start to question the logic behind the movie.( i.e life has 2 paths, when you turn left instead of right does your life continue to exist down the right path???) Apocalypto isnt bad very gruesome indeed(Mel Gibson has been drinking too much!!!) .I am looking forward to hannibal Rising which is out in a few weeks, Blood Diamonds out today, apparently Leonardo does well to potray a Rhodie accent.

  3. Uhm, GRAW you’re talking about flicks which I’ll see around Easter, haha we’ll see when we get there! I’m not so excited about Diamonds it’s so over-hyped I’m already tired of Leo saving th poor darkies!

    Lisa don’t complain too much, at least your country has Pringles. Imagine a life without Pringles.

  4. Snakes! on a plane! it was the best comedy of the year especially that love scene in the loo but honestly it was gross

  5. Pringles aren’t all that. They only taste ice if you can only have so many. Otherwise, when you want some crisps, Pringles aren’t top of the list. Give me a pack of Doritos or kettle chips and dip (roasted pepper houmous) and i aam sorted. Microwave popcorn also hits the spot. On the movie front, I prefer to keep schtum as there will be no shutting me up otherwise.

  6. I’m used to my women crumbling after being inserted, but a whole country is a maximum achievement

  7. Watched Smokin Aces, Load of shootouts, and violence. And the baddies got their comeupens. Twas Great. Bit bummed out coz I missed the beginning though. Not sure I got the full story. Alesha Keyes was not half bad either, considering I find her dull.

  8. Joe, for the sake of proper email delivery I beg of you to contact me. The pile of messages is growing.

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