Cooking (not) for dummies

I had an accident over the weekend. Not what’s you’d expect, like the crash-bang-thud-twisted-metal-body-parts-everywhere kind. Nope, this was a self-infilicted bout of indigestion, probably resulting from an unhealthy mix of whole grain mustard, chillies, peppers and dodgy beef. Bad.

Tell you what, friends and neighbours, nothing puts life into perspective more than a Saturday morning spent worshipping the porcelain god. And the realisation that you have only two rolls of funny-paper left, and you KNOW that won’t get you through the day. I know, gross. Brings a whole new meaning to the word wamama.

Needless to say, my weekend sucked, and worse still I had to lie there and watch Zimbabwe losing to bloody Angola, and of course get all the dumb texts from Chelsea whores and Arsenal fools in turn.

I vow to henceforth subsist on potato salad and cheese sammies.

11 Replies to “Cooking (not) for dummies”

  1. True wakamama – if you clean that kitchen of yours it wld help. You maid shld also do the kitchen not just your undies

  2. JoeBlack wakamama. there was a car wash at milton park bowling club on sat afternoon and miss harare contestants were washin the cars wearing bikinis. i almost called you so u cud bring the camera, didnt know u were running a tissue bill at home

  3. Ouch, thanks shaa Jigga for “almost” calling me πŸ™‚ we could have had a nice gallery up right now, instead we’re discussing my “bodily functions”.

    Laugh away, but mese mese futi muchamama.

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