Econet changing to 077

Crap. Econet are changing their prefix to 077, replacing the current 091.

Apparently this is happening on October 2 but we’ll be able to make calls to 091 until November.

I won’t hesitate to tell you that this will be a fecking expensive exercise;  imagine all the stationery – the billboards, the ad copy, my goddamn business cards – that will need to be changed.

Inconvenient at best.

13 Replies to “Econet changing to 077”

  1. please add a “Your layout is very cool as it was, dont smoke your socks and start fucking with it just coz u’re bored at work” radiobutton to your poll widget.

  2. ok, lemme give it a minute. just taking some time to take to the red … maybe im just sensitive to this hue. dunno …but the layout and whatnot is cool.

    will rate after a few more visits.

  3. Yes Joe, what it doing?! why no nothing bout this fancy new look you got going on…. now you want to be like ana Econet and the gang and just change things hilli-nillie… what about us Joe, hmmm? what about us?!

  4. at first I thought I was on the wrong site. this red is danger to my eyes shamwari, I’m going to have to limits my visits to once a week for fear of further damage to my retina. 🙂

  5. hate the red by like the OH maroon.

    we hate change.

    did the design superhero not have anything friendlier on the eyes

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