Bata – for swinging couples

Wow, Bata. Moderately attractive couples on a swing? Is THAT the movement you’re talking about?


swinging (uncountable)

  1. An activity where couples engage in sexual activity with different partners

They didn’t even pretend. Now I need to find out if this ad was from AFTER the war or not. I’m guessing after, considering the two darkies swinging with our white friends.

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  1. i dont know. maybe its just me. and digital photo what-what probably wasnt available then, but that picture looks like the darkie couple where in a park somewhere (probably paGrowthaz somewhere) and the whiteys were at another park (in a leafy joint no doubt), and the two pictures were sommer superimposed.
    the whiteys are into each other oblivious of the darkies and vice versa. (forgive me for the student companion phrase, im tired).
    and even if the photo is genuine, the lack of connection between the two couples means bhlaz was not dipping missis anyhow – though mister, like the good old rhodies, had probably done a fair bit of dipping at the komboni.

  2. Wow, you really have your race-tinted glasses on, don’t you? Well, look at the shadows, if you want to be pedantic.

    What don’t you get, dude? Two couples on a swing. Get into the movement. DUH!

  3. that frumpy look was considered hot those days. Interesting connection you made there Joe…. penny for your thoughts….

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