Enough about Maneta!

Seriously, people, relax. All this breathless whining about Maneta and Roki being kicked out of a game show is a bit over-blown, isn’t it?

Firstly, they’re not Zimbabwe’s “representatives“. No. Pay attention – they are game-show contestants who are from Zimbabwe.

They don’t represent you. Maneta didn’t embarrass you. They weren’t sent there by the Ministry of Youth, Sport & Culture to represent the nation. This isn’t a fecking international competition (read: competition among nations).

This is a game show, run by a game show company, and the contestants are picked by the game show company’s representatives. For their own damn reasons.

There wasn’t a nationwide referrendum on who should go on Big fecking Brother. You feel let down? Look in the mirror, my friend. You’re letting yourself down.

I keep seeing hate and bullshit about this rubbish on Twitter and Facebook, and people are trawling the internet for shitty, over-hashed jokes and plugging the name “Maneta” into them. You’re just mugging yourself, mate.

Stop. Take a breath. Besides, most of you lifeless TV-drooling zombie-drones would be slack-jawed and starry-eyed if you ever actually met her in person, cos you know she’s hotter than you and the fact that she auditioned and got picked means she’s braver than you and now that she’s mildly famous you feel she’s better than you. You’re a star-fecker. Look it up.

Hanzi she got Roki kicked out, when he had a good chance to bring home the money. What? To whose home? YOUR home? Would 300k go into the Treasury, or would Rockford blow it on whisky and hoes? Are you out of your mind? Would it be a source of national pride if a Zimbabwean happened to win a game show based not on any marketable talents (like Idols or X Factor), but one where people fecking sit around and get drunk and talk shit and fight?

Big Brother is not a national endeavour, guys. It’s a reality show. Learn the difference.

So please, people, let’s take a step back and ask ourselves why Maneta is such an easy target. Is it the accent? Is it that she “got Roki kicked out”? Is it the big yellow boobs? I’ll take a guess.

All the women hating? You wish you were her.

All the men hating? You wish you were her man.

There, I said it. Now get back to your own boring little life.

Calm. The. feck. Down.

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  1. Thank you J Black. this is just too much to some of us who do not own DSTV decoders and never get a chance to understand what goes in that fucking house

  2. Also tell tem when they go there they should stop trying to represent us. they should disgrace themselves in their name and not in the name of Zimbabwe. However way we try to deny it they are a stereo type of Zimbabwe and the rest of the continent may be forced to believe thats hw we Zimbos are.

  3. Manetaness, two things. These people go there and don’t do anything in the name of Zimbabwe, they play a game to try and win.

    If they do that with a Zim flag draped around their shoulders, that is ENTIRELY their right, I walk around being proudly Zimbabwean whether up to shit.

    Are you saying when I get drunk I should take off my Zimbabwe t-shirt? No. They ARE Zimbos whether you like it or not, they have every right to identify with their country, as much right as you or anyone.

    They have every right to talk and say anything about their country. If you disagree, that’s YOUR OWN FUCKING opinions, you have no responsibility to shoulder their opinions and worry about stereotypes.

    These guys are basically doing themselves. You … do you.

  4. So why did rocky keep worrying about”Maneta has a fake accent, thats not how “we” speak in Zimbabwe??
    And why do the contestants always woryy about the rest of the continent will think about their country and not themselves as individuals??

  5. It. Is. A. Game. Show. You’re asking me to explain the behaviour and words of GAME SHOW CONTESTANTS trying to win 300 thousand dollars?

    I give up.

  6. Imi ka imi! Ko pakapotsa pahwina Munya makadii kuti whats with the President (and the whole nation) going on about a mere GAME SHOW? Hanti makatobatana seZimbabwe mukamupa $300k mukomana, X3 at the time if I’m not mistaken? Munya made press headlines daily, and he didn’t even win the damn game. Dai makatanga kupupura nyaya yenyu iyi ipapo mukoma Joe.

    I’m sorry to say, but, once you start “portraying” yourself a s “Zimbabwean Representative” in any situation… WHATEVER you do becomes ZIMBABWE’S BUSINESS, and for as long as you choose to affiliate with that citizenship, those too that carry this citizenship are at liberty to express themselves in any way they wish, regarding this subject.

    Though I think Maneta should seek SA citizenship now (hint hint… asylum alibi), brand herself as “The Real Black Barbie”, and make some doe with that “Afrikan Beauty”, whilst bitching on “The Real Black Barbie” 🙂 I can already imagine tonnes of tv shows that would love to consider her character for a bitchy show.

  7. PMK, how can you try and regulate when, where and how we express our opinions?

    Anyone who thinks BBA is more than a game-show, and sees it as a national endeavour, is miguided in the extreme.

    Another thing, politics is just a celebrity cult in itself, and is the greatest popularity contest in the world. Do you think politicians and charlatans wouldn’t want to be seen hobknobbing with “famous” people, no matter how earned or tenuously-gripped that fame is?

    You don’t have to portray yourself as a Zimbabwean … those ppl are Zimbos like you and me, and have every right to drape that flag on their shoulders, because it’s THER FLAG TOO.

    That doesn’t automatically mean the whole of Zimbabwe then owns their actions while draped in that flag. We’re responsible for national teams, ambassadors etc because they do what they do in our name, and our various associations pick them to REPRESENT us.

    This show is run by Endemol Entertainment, and again THEY ARE NOT SENT THERE IN YOUR NAME. only in theirs.

    How is it I’m having to explain this?

  8. AWESOME, we get it! You’d do her. Dang!

    Someone mentioned a Zimbo steeotype. What’s that again? Seriously, what is it?

  9. in lieu of a sexy pic,

    i’d do you splendidly,

    for your grit, intelligence and hotblooddedness 😉

    (then jump right back on that maneta item 🙂 )

  10. leave Maneta alone am with Joe black all the way. tell me wat Rocki did to represent Zimbo. please list the things that he did very well in the house that cld hev represented a part of your country, its juss that us women cant accept defeat. Maneta is so beautiful leave with it no matter wat you would do she will still beautiful. so is Zim all about drinking and gossiping about your fellow country men.pple get your accusations correctly. i know Maneta is more beautiful than me but i will love her till e end coz i believe Roki pushed her till the end. Roki the guy who cant accept when a gal says no. no wonder all the kids… it gets me thinking. well pple am shocked esp with pple who went all the way to the airport to get maneta down. oh my word you got too much time to waste. Maneta if you read this juss know this my dear you did nothing wrong at all and you did all you can with that crazi Rockford who doesnt want to grow. i would have done the same as you. so put your head up and start you new life and nobody will dertermine who you are… dont allow this to get you down at all. you went thru a lot in life its your time to shine now…. All the best in life wish to see you some ads and acting in the south african industry.

  11. pple piss me off… please list the wrongs Maneta did and the wrongs Roki did. and lets compare and see who had the most. dont talk about swearing that is the daily bread of big brother stargame housemates.

  12. I take it The Lady feels things very deeply. So serious.

    Happy 4th of July everyone! The world just wouldnt be the same with out the independance from the empire. Not yet decided if that’s a lesser of two evils.

  13. i think it’s all ridiculous. She saw an opportunity and she took it. That’s all.

  14. Wow!!.. That Lady May!… ma bad, Lady A must be in love with Maneta… She must have shed a tear ey?

  15. Joe…..look although o get what u sayin therez no way people will over look how BBA uses our name ((zim))

    yes…they go as individuals with their own interest but the fact that they make it an AFRICAN game show we are certainly goin to look at this game as a ‘country’ contest…….

    the moment that maneta spoilt her image in that game show….it spoilt our image as a nation….

    so dnt u stand there and tell us to valm the fuck down because our country name has been dragged diwn bowls of kak so many te politically…..standard wise and now because of one silly game zim was on e spot again!!

    so zimbo’s had every right to blow….
    as of rocki…I wudnt giv a sh*t!!!

    ur justification is shallow!!

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