Facebook sucks, and that’s a fact

T-shirts - confrontationalI just quit Facebook, and social networking websites in general. There’s really no need for them as far I’m concerned.

Really, the thrill of getting “poked” by some random from junior school kind of wears off after a while, know what I mean? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not being a snob or anything, it’s just that I spend so much time interacting with people ONline, when really everything interesting happens OFFline. It just takes too much time.

So my one month experiment is over, I’ve shut down my account and rejoined the real world. See you at the pub.

P.S. I wrote a long article about this some time ago, get The Independent next week to read the whole thing.

P.P.S. The guy who owns quitfacebook.com is funnier than I am.

29 Replies to “Facebook sucks, and that’s a fact”

  1. What blasphemy is this?

    Why the hateration! Facebook ROCKS mate, asi you weren’t making any friends *snigger snigger*

    I love it, have got into touch with peeps from waaaaay back in the day!

    Facebook for President!

  2. It took you long enough! Have a good weekend in “the pub” or wherever … I have a road trip!

  3. Seriously Vim – I found it a waste of time, and really, y’all gonna send me a message to tell me I received a message? Anondida anondiwana!

    My gosh, there’s a child on MTV singing a song about her lip gloss, which apparently “be poppin”.

    What the fuck?

  4. Ah well, i guess it isnt for everyone *pout*

    I’ve heard that song by Lil Mama, who looks like she’s gonna grow up to be Lil Kim. Song is wack, chick is too aggressive and video looks like a ghetto version of Britney’s “Baby Hit Me One More Time”

    On that note, have a great weekend Joe! Catch you pa-second half!

  5. I’m somewhere between Vim and Black. Facebook is useful for eyeballing people’s pics especially those from back in the day. Although I dont see the point when people are working together or drink together.

  6. LOL @ Vim, I guess you loves you some Facebook huh? Well, it’s not really for me, I only signed up cos I was tired of being invited. TIno where did you go?

    Gala, do you actually use Facebook with your workmates?

  7. Only to post embarassing pics of them. Most of my activity is for those I can not see due to geographical isolation or my old uni friends so I can save up on akward phone calls.

  8. It’s good value for catching up with peeps aroung the globe. Unlike you, Black, some us like peeps and like to hear from long lost friends 🙂

  9. One was always told to keep it pretty and witty and gay when one was growing up. My how things change.

  10. They ask me why I read the news. Really you cant make this shit up.

    ‘A man in The Netherlands who stood accused of having sex with a sheep walked free from court because the animal was unable to testify that it hadn’t given him prior consent or that it had suffered emotional stress as a result.’ the Metro. To be fair, the sheep was probably asking for it.’

  11. LOL! Just watched the ad. Saw another vid linked to it – “People don’t think I use condoms, I’m just too quick”. QUICK?? LOL.

    The race is not given to the swift, but I guess we oughta curb their little runners anyway lol… lord knows 5 attempts at a 3min stint must be dangerous to the womb 😀

  12. PS. Wasn’t pretty and witty and gay from The Hunchback…?
    [Me hides in fear that my ass ain’t cultured enough]

  13. JB, Cultured in the manner of a mature ripe cheddar cheese, or cultured in terms of knowing your dessert fork from your fish fork?

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