Harry Potter spoilers

1. Harry doesn’t die.

2. J.R.R. Tolkien rises from the dead and kicks J.K. Rowling’s ass.

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  1. JRT should have risen phoenix like after Book 1 and saved us all the hype. You know that there is going to be a ‘Harry Potter and the Lost Diaries’ dont you? to account for the bits in between hogwarts and post hogwarts.

  2. So sue me.

    I can understand the need to fill in the gaps, you’d be surprised how many peripheral Lord of the Rings stories there are.

    I’m sorry Vim, but I’m way beyond giving a flying toss about Hogwarts and all the hype. Between Harry and the Beckhamites you’d think the world had nothing better to do.

  3. How did you get to watch Harry Potter so soon? I haven’t even seen it yet. Must admit that I find Harry Potter quite an acceptable alterantive to not having any more Tolkien stories to speak of. Joe is just jealous that he didnt come up with the story first. Wait,Balck, you talking abouth the movie or the book. I find the books quite daunting to read. A children’s book should never be more than a 100 pages andbig print is mandatory. I am still reeling from the ONE volume of the LOTR.

  4. Weeeeeeeell, since I am no longer pre-menstrual, a simple ‘he is talking about The Book HP (sauce) and the (slow) Deathly Hallows. Movie 5, HP and the Order of the Phoenix is that which is out now.

    What about the talking books that SAVE you the trouble of actually reading it?

  5. Mushaz should watch em so he doesn’t misread words like TAG as TEAG lol. Might never get the plot otherwise.

  6. JB, oh ye of short memories. Was it not ye who accused me of clubbing baby seals not too many moons ago. And then men say that women cant make their minds up. Ms Joseph seems to have those (vitriolic) bases covered though, so I dont have to faka pressure. Overkill and all that.

    Ms Joseph, you might have to define ‘protagonist’ for the masses, might like to bring in the word ‘eponymous’ while you are there.

  7. as has been well documented, poking the animals is just one small step from shaggin them, so yes please, written advisories and cautions are all important.

  8. I aint sure but I think I had the piss taken out off me somewhere there. Whether Black was talking about the book or the movie was a perfectly valid question. Still, I don’t know what the reply was. There was too much noise going on there. We talking the book or the movie?

  9. Ahh, thanks Joe. So, any second thoughts about Facebook? You gotta admit its better than Hi5.

  10. If green and stuff implies jealousy and a certain T is myself, then I am afraid Mrs Joseph is way off the mark. I would only expect you 2 to have better avenues to carry out your affair than the comments section, or do Public Displays of Affection have no limit of scope?

  11. Yah pane nyaya apa. I think Mai Chisamba (the Zim version of Dr. Phil*) can be the referee.

    * AC – I know you don’t know Mai Chisamba since you eloped before she rose to fame!!!

  12. Andy do not be disrespectful. I have only been a diasporan for a mere 4 years. That girl cleared a few misconceptions I had about BJs. So there.

    Tino, maybe I am reading too much into Ms Joseph’s remark, but I think she was referring to passing her a bucket to bring up her lunch or something. I could be wrong. Only MS J can exonerate herself.

  13. Soft is such an ugly word, I prefer ‘mellowed’ myself. Shaa, you have no idea how hard it is carrying all that anger around. Erykah was so right about the Bag Ladying. LOL.

  14. You are so freaking lucky that i finished the book by the time i read this post! Why the hateration sha. JK Rowling and JR Tolkien target different markets, but i would take JKR any day…altho mad kudos go out ot JRT tho.

    Loved the dance moves you pulled out last nite! Inga, you are a superstar on the dancefloor, lol. Why i always end up at that establishment with ten rooms, i have no idea, but it stops here!

  15. So speaking of which, how is Black on the dance floor? Anyone? What is he like? Does he represent or let let the side down?

  16. JB, read your article in The Independent. Why d’you dumb down the humour china? The article was cold, sterile and lacking that quirky sense of humour we have come to associate with you. This wasnt the Fingaz audience you were targeting who need jokes WITH A PUNCHLINE. LOL.

  17. Vim – game recognise game! Although to be honest, I generally just sway to the beat and pray I don’t bust out the ol’ running man. Although I won’t be hitting ten rooms again soon…

    aChic – I can’t now be found going great guns in the paper, in fact it’s supposed to be dumbed down. But believe me, I’ve tried! Sorry to disappoint you 🙂

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